Konverti PSD al TIFF per C#

.NET Photoshop API por PSD & PSB Konvertiĝo al rastrumaj bildoj inkluzive de TIFF

Altkvalita Reprezentado de PSD kiel TIFF

  1. Ŝarĝu la PSD per Image.Load metodo
  2. Kreu ekzemplon de TiffOptions klaso
  3. Voku Image.Save metodon
  4. Pasu eligo dosiernomon kaj objekton de TiffOptions

Komencu kun .NET Photoshop API

Instalu el komandlinio kiel nuget install Aspose.PSD aŭ per Package Manager Console de Visual Studio kun Install-Package Aspose.PSD.

Alternative, ricevu la senkonektan MSI-instalilon aŭ DLL-ojn en ZIP-dosiero de elŝutoj .

.NET C# Kodo por PSD al TIFF Konvertiĝo

PSD What is PSD File Format?

PSD, Photoshop Document, represents Adobe Photoshop’s native file format used for graphics designing and development. PSD files may include image layers, adjustment layers, layer masks, annotations, file information, keywords and other Photoshop-specific elements. Photoshop files have default extension as .PSD and has a maximum height and width of 30,000 pixels, and a length limit of two gigabytes.

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TIFF What is TIFF File Format?

TIFF or TIF, Tagged Image File Format, represents raster images that are meant for usage on a variety of devices that comply with this file format standard. It is capable of describing bilevel, grayscale, palette-color and full-color image data in several color spaces. It supports lossy as well as lossless compression schemes to choose between space and time for applications using the format. The format is not machine dependent and is free from bounds like processor, operating system, or file systems.

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Other Conversion Options

PSD TO BMP (Bitmap Image File)
PSD TO GIF (Graphical Interchange Format)
PSD TO JPEG (Joint Photographic Expert Group)
PSD TO JP2 (JPEG 2000 Core Image)
PSD TO PDF (Portable Document Format)
PSD TO PNG (Portable Network Graphic)