Adobe® Photoshop® Conversion Via C#

Convert Photoshop PSD, PSB to PDF and JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF Images to build cross-platform .NET applications.


PSD format saves the data in the forms of layers and is the well know format of Adobe® Photoshop® for designing purposes including website designs. Designers can easily export PSD layers to single images including PNG, JPG, GIF, TIFF etc. via Adobe Photoshop. For implementing photoshop conversion to raster images and PDF within .NET solution without Adobe Photoshop installation, .NET API can do it with ease. Following C# example codes can easily be integrated for automation of PSD files converter into raster image formats and PDF. Even programmers can extract layers from any PSD image.

Convert Photoshop PSD to PDF

To convert PSD to PDF document, Process is, Load the PSD file using Image class . Create PdfOptions class object, for relevant PDF settings. Finally call Image.Save method having output PDF file and PDF options for conversion.

C# Code for Photoshop PSD to PDF Conversion

Photoshop PSD to JPG, PNG, BMP Images Conversion

For converting PSD to Images process is almost same as of PSD to PDF, Load the file using Image.Load and then instead of using PDF save options, using relevant image save options such as JpegOptions , PngOptions , BmpOptions , TiffOptions , GifOptions , Jpeg2000Options for JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, JP2 respectively and finally convert by calling Save function with relevant parameters.

C# Code for Photoshop PSD to Image Conversion