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Adobe Photoshop 文件格式解决方案

High Code API 和适用于 PSD、PSB 和 AI 文件格式的免费应用程序,不依赖 Adobe Photoshop 和 Adobe Illustrator


能够在线查看psd是一项受欢迎的服务,它可以帮助您节省时间和金钱。你不需要 Adobe Photoshop 就能打开 PSD 文件。内置应用程序提供像素完美的 psd 视图

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You can reproduce the main functionality of this built-in app using Aspose.PSD for .NET

    using (PsdImage image = (PsdImage)Image.Load(sourceFileName, new PsdLoadOptions() { ReadOnlyMode = true }))
        // To get the pixel-perfect PSD File Image just use this code
        image.Save(sourceFileName + ".png",  new PngOptions() {  ColorType = PngColorType.TruecolorWithAlpha });

You can download Aspose.PSD for .NET from Nuget package manager

You can reproduce the main functionality of this built-in app using Aspose.PSD for Java

    public static void viewPSDasPNG(String sourceFileName) {
        try {
            PsdLoadOptions loadOptions = new PsdLoadOptions();
            PsdImage image = null;
            try {
                image = (PsdImage) Image.load(sourceFileName, loadOptions);
       + ".png", getTruecolorWithAlphaPngOptions());
            } finally {
                if (image != null) {
        } catch (Exception ex) {
    private static PngOptions getTruecolorWithAlphaPngOptions() {
        PngOptions options = new PngOptions();
        return options;

You can download Aspose.PSD for Java from Aspose Repository

This App is completely free, but it just a small piece of functionality that offers for you Aspose.PSD library. You can make your own app with any functionality of Aspose.PSD. If you can not find needed feature in Aspose.PSD, you can post on PSD Support Forum. The great support, different priceing plans, prioritized bug fixes and feature releasing for the Paid Support Customers.

List of Aspose.PSD versions for different configurations

Aspose.PSD for .NET

Aspose.PSD for Java

Aspose.PSD for .NET has the version for the most popular .NET versions including: .NET Framework 2, 3.5, 4.0, 4.0CP, .netstandard 2, .NET 5, 6, 7. Version of .NET Library for .NET 7 is suitable for the mobile development
Aspose.PSD for Java made on the Java 1.6, so it can be used in the any popular Java configurations. It's suitable for Cross-platform developement
Official Aspose.PSD for .NET pageOfficial Aspose.PSD for Java page
Aspose.PSD for .NET Pricing plansAspose.PSD for Java Pricing plans

Please check the support forum. Where you can feel the real customer care

Aspose.PSD 查看器功能支持云端,可以在 Windows、Linux 和 Mac 服务器上使用。本地解决方案可用于 Java 以及最新版本的 .Net 还有 .net Framework 2.0 +

不同格式的 PSD 查看器

如果您需要以特定格式查看 PSD、PSB 或 AI,请查看以下内置查看器。大多数观众的像素都很完美,但是如果你需要 PSD 格式的全部功能,请查看 Aspose.PSD 高代码 API