Aspose.PUB   for C++

C++ API to Parse Publisher Files

Manipulate Publisher Files as well as Convert PUB format to PDF within any C++ based application.

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Aspose.PUB for C++ is a Microsoft PUb formats processing library. It allows developers to read and load PUB files, manipulate metadata as well as convert electronic publication file format (.pub) to PDF.

Advanced C++ PUB Manipulation API Features

Read .pub file formats

Manipulate metadata

Convert PUB documents to PDF

Convert PUB Files to PDF

Aspose.PUB for C++ library can read and convert publication documents (.pub) to PDF format, with just a few lines of code.

Convert PUB to PDF - C++

System::String SourcPubFile = dataDir() + u"";

System::String filePdf = dataDir() + u"result_out.pdf";

System::SharedPtr parser = PubFactory::CreateParser(SourcPubFile);

System::SharedPtr document = parser->Parse();

PubFactory::CreatePdfConverter()->ConvertToPdf(document, filePdf);

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Aspose.PUB offers individual PUB processing APIs for other popular development environments as listed below: