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Microsoft® Publisher document file format is used for creating various publication types such as newsletters, brochures, flyers, and postcards and is used in Emails and Websites. Pub files contain text as well as bitmap and vector graphics data.

As all the other Microsoft® products Publisher application is not free itself. And as the file of the format can be opened only by this program to share the results of your work sometimes you will have to convert a PUB file to a more well-spread format. The most popular of all is PUB to PDF conversion. By now, this format is supported by all modern devices and can even be opened in a browser without installing any additional software. Here is the PUB to PDF conversion functionality for C++. This library can also be used for creating your own project.

These APIs for C++ are the ultimate tool for converting MS Publisher files to PDF format. It simplifies the process of conversion, ensuring a polished final product. Our API is designed to handle a wide range of MS Publisher versions, ensuring compatibility with your documents. You can easily integrate our API into your C++ applications to develop applications that work across multiple platforms, expanding your reach and accessibility. Get up and running quickly and start converting files with ease.

Transform your business operations, enhance your applications, and streamline your document management with our API solution for C++. Whether you're an IT professional, a software developer, or a business owner, our API offers the flexibility and reliability you need to convert MS Publisher files to PDF effortlessly. Embrace the future of document conversion with our C++ API solution and unlock new possibilities for your business by getting a free trial!

Before running the conversion you need to integrate C++ PUB to PDF Converter API, which works not only with single-page documents but also supports multipage .pub files.

PUB to PDF Conversion on C++

  1. Load PUB file by means of CreateParser() Method of PubFactory Class.
  2. Parse file using Parse() Method of IPubParser Interface.
  3. Run the Conversion by means of ConvertToPdf() Method of IPdfConverter Interface.

Get Started with C++ PUB API

  1. Install from command line as nuget install Aspose.PUB.cpp or via Package Manager Console of Visual Studio with Install-Package Aspose.PUB.cpp.
  2. Alternatively, get the offline MSI installer or DLLs in a ZIP file from downloads .

C++ Code for PUB to PDF Conversion

    using namespace Aspose::PUB;
    // Load PUB file
    System::SharedPtr<IPubParser> parser = PubFactory::CreateParser("");
    // Parse file 
    System::SharedPtr<Document> document = parser->Parse();
    // Convert PUB to PDF
    PubFactory::CreatePdfConverter()->ConvertToPdf(document, "output.pdf");

PUB to PDF Conversion is a required step in PUB to any other format Conversion. After it, the transformed file could be converted into the needed format.

You can also try PUB to PDF cross-platform application. It has a very simple interface and the process will take only a few seconds.

The solution allows you: Transform multiple Publisher files, convert PUB to PDF, and save converted documents on your device.


1. Can I convert PUB to PDF?

For such a purpose you only need to convert PUB to PDF programmatically using this .NET API or transform your files online by means of the web Converter application.

2. Can I open a Publisher File in Word?

To convert PUB to WORD use the web Converter application.

3. Is the functionality free?

The cross-platform Converters are free when for the API solution you can get a free Trial and then buy the product if needed.


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