Microsoft Publisher, a versatile program tailored for precise page layout design, offers seamless compatibility with an array of file formats. This dynamic software seamlessly opens files in formats ranging from MS Publisher 2.0 and beyond to .txt files, RTF files, MS Word documents, HTML files, Unicode text, and more.

Within Pub files, you can amalgamate a diverse range of elements, including images, text, and graphics. This extensive capability has made the .pub format a ubiquitous choice for crafting eye-catching flyers, brochures, postcards, and various other paper-based advertising materials. The resulting files are saved with the distinctive .pub extension, which is uniquely associated with Publisher. It's worth noting that only a limited number of applications, aside from Publisher itself, can effectively handle these .pub files, underscoring the software's exclusivity and value in the realm of document design and production.

Take your electronic publication files to the next level! Look no further than Aspose.PUB for Java – your go-to library for seamless and intuitive handling of .pub files.

Here's what makes Aspose.PUB for Java a game-changer:

🌟 Flexibility and Ease of Use: Our library is designed with your convenience in mind. It's flexible and user-friendly, ensuring that you can effortlessly work with electronic publication files.

🚀 Unleash the Power of Conversion: With Aspose.PUB for Java, you gain the ability to load, open, edit, and convert .pub files to a variety of formats, including PDF, HTML, XLSX, DOC, and popular image formats. Say goodbye to compatibility issues and hello to versatile file conversion!

🛠️ Cross-Platform Magic: Not only can you seamlessly integrate our library into your Java projects, but you can also create your own cross-platform applications for opening, merging, or converting MS Publisher files. The possibilities are endless!

📱 Sample Applications for Inspiration: Dive into our ready-made examples, created by our expert teams. They showcase the library's functionality in action, so you can hit the ground running. Best of all, you won't need to install any additional software or subscribe to achieve stunning results. We've got you covered!

Advanced C++ PUB Manipulation API Features

PUB Documents to PDF Conversion

Aspose.PUB for Java can read and convert publication files (.pub) to PDF file , with just a few lines of code.

Convert PUB to PDF - Java

    // Load input PUB file
    IPubParser parser = PubFactory.createParser(fileName);

    // Parse the PUB file
    Document publisherToPdf = parser.parse();

    // Convert Publisher PUB to PDF
    PubFactory.createPdfConverter().convertToPdf(publisherToPdf, "pub-to.pdf");

Aspose.PUB for Java API continuously adding more features to make it powerful. Here is list of few picks from the latest ones added.

  • Support of Fill layers. Pattern, Color and Gradient fill
  • Support of GdFlResource, VmskResource, PtFlResource and VsmsResource
  • Load JPEG/PNG/etc image files to PsdImage without direct loading
  • Support of Layer Vector Masks and Text Layer Custom FlipRotate
  • Rendering of Stroke effect with Color Fill for export


1. Why would you need Aspose.PUB for Java?

Aspose.PUB for Java helps developers to seamlessly integrate functionality for manipulating pub files files like extracting content, converting to other formats, and rendering for display or printing.

2. What formats are supported by Aspose.PUB for Java?

This API Solution supports .pub as input and PDF as output formats in conversion functionality.

3. Where can I find the requirements to start working with Aspose.PUB for Java?

Go to Documentation to learn the fundamentals like system requirements, installation, licensing, and how to run examples. There you can also find Developer Guide and knowledge base about the formats.

4. Where can I get help if there are any issues with the API?

Try to get answer at the Free Support Forum . If you din not get one, just create a new topic with th issue faced.

5. Where can I find the latest updates of Aspose.PUB for Java?

Check Relese Notes to see the progress, all the updates, and the newest features added.


Support and Learning Resources


Aspose.PUB offers individual APIs for popular development environments as listed below: