Convert PUB file

Publisher converter functionality to build cross-platform Java applications.


Microsoft® Publisher document file format is used for creating various publication types such as newsletters, brochures, flyers, and postcards and is used in Emails and Websites. Pub files contain text as well as bitmap and vector graphics data.

Even though the format is quite popular it is not as popular as such formats as PDF or DOCX. MS Publisher application is not free itself. So it is often required to convert files with .pub extension to another, well-spread and comfortable-to-use format. Here is the conversion functionality for Java. This library includes the needed conversion functionality that can be used for the creation of your own project.

Convert Publisher .pub files

Let’s look at the functionality through the PUB to PDF conversion.

The publisher Conversion process consists of the next steps:

  1. Integrate Java PUB to PDF Converter API, which works not only with single-page documents but also supports multipage .pub files.
  2. Load PUB file using the PubFactory Class.
  3. Create Parser and Parse via the Parse() Method of the IPubParser Interface.
  4. Run the conversion by means of the ConvertToPdf() Method.
Java Code to Convert Publisher PUB to PDF

Conversion of PUB to any other format is possible after converting the file to PDF format and then this transformed file could be converted into the needed format.

You can also try Publisher Converter cross-platform application. It has a very simple interface and the process will take only a few seconds. The solution allows:

  • Transform multiple Publisher files.
  • Convert PUB to PDF, HTML, EPUB, DOCX, SVG, and many other image formats.
  • Save converted documents on your device.