Microsoft® PowerPoint Presentation Conversion in C++

C++ example codes for different conversion scenarios to convert slides to Images, HTML, PDF and other formats.


Conversion process of Microsoft® PowerPoint formats is simple and easy to automate processes using C++ PowerPoint library. Developers can enhance relevant source code and integrate it within their applications.

Inter Conversion Of Microsoft PowerPoint Formats

Interconversion of Microsoft® PowerPoint documents including PPT, PPTX programmatically is just a two lines code. Load the file using Presentation class and calling the Save method having the output file and SaveFormat.OutputFormats as parameters.

C++ Conversion Code

Convert PowerPoint Files to PDF

Converting Microsoft® PowerPoint to PDF is a common scenario due the huge sharing of PDF documents. Programmers can automate it and set the relevant PDF conversion settings using PdfOptions class . Few of the specific settings such as text compression level, JPEG quality JpegQuality , PDF compliance level Compliance , converting hidden slides ShowHiddenSlides , selected slides and generating locked Password protected PDF files.

C++ PowerPoint to PDF Conversion Code

Save Microsoft PowerPoint Slides As Images

when ever there is the case to display presentation content on web, then there is need to render files as HTML or images JPG, TIFF, PNG, etc. Process of converting slides as images is simple. Get all the slides using get_Slides() and iterate through each slide one by one. During each iteration use ISlide->GetThumbnail for the slide image and then save into the required image format.

C++ PowerPoint to Image Conversion