Edit PDF in C++

High-speed and cross-platform C++ library for editing PDF using C++ code

Edit PDF using Aspose.Slides

Aspose.Slides for C++ is a powerful C++ library used to manipulate and edit presentations, PDF documents, and other files. You can edit an PDF doc by adding a new line of text to it.

Edit PDF in C++

Using Aspose.Slides for C++ , you can add a new line of text to an PDF document with just a few lines of code.

C++ code for editing PDF

auto pres = System::MakeObject<Presentation>();


auto slide = pres->get_Slides()->idx_get(0);
auto shape = slide->get_Shapes()->AddAutoShape(ShapeType::Rectangle, 10.0f, 10.0f, 100.0f, 50.0f);
shape->get_TextFrame()->set_Text(u"New text");

pres->Save(u"document.pdf", SaveFormat::Pdf);

How to edit PDF in C++

  1. Install Aspose.Slides for C++. See Installation .

  2. Add the library as a reference in your project.

  3. Create an instance of the Presentation class.

  4. Load the PDF document you want to edit.

  5. Add a new line of text.

  6. Save the changed PDF file.

Edit other files

You can also edit files in other formats