Aspose.Slides  for C++

Edit POTX properties using C++

Build your own C++ apps to modify Built-in and Custom properties in presentation files using server-side APIs.

Modify POTX Properties via C++

Using Aspose.Slides for C++, developers can access and modify the values of built-in properties as well as custom properties. Developers can use DocumentProperties property exposed by Presentation object to access the document properties of the presentation file.

Modify POTX Built-in Properties - C++

// Instantiate the Presentation class that represents the Presentation
System::SharedPtr<Presentation> presentation = System::MakeObject<Presentation>(u"presentation.potx");

// Create a reference to IDocumentProperties object associated with Presentation
System::SharedPtr<IDocumentProperties> documentProperties = presentation->get_DocumentProperties();

// Set the builtin properties
documentProperties->set_Author(u"New Author");
documentProperties->set_Title(u"New Title");

// Save your presentation to a file
presentation->Save(u"DocumentProperties_out.potx", SaveFormat::Potx);

Add Custom Properties to POTX - C++

// Instantiate the Presentation class
auto presentation = System::MakeObject<Presentation>();

// Getting Document Properties
auto documentProperties = presentation->get_DocumentProperties();

// Adding Custom properties
documentProperties->idx_set(u"New Custom", ObjectExt::Box<int32_t>(12));
documentProperties->idx_set(u"My Name", ObjectExt::Box<String>(u"Aspose Metadata Editor"));
documentProperties->idx_set(u"Custom", ObjectExt::Box<int32_t>(124));

// Getting property name at particular index
String getPropertyName = documentProperties->GetCustomPropertyName(2);

// Removing selected property

// Saving presentation
presentation->Save(u"CustomDocumentProperties_out.potx", SaveFormat::Potx);

How to Extract Metadata of POTX via C++

These are the steps to Extract Metadata from POTX files.

  1. Instantiate the Presentation class with path to POTX file

  2. Get DocumentProperties object associated with Presentation

  3. Loop over the items in DocumentProperties object

  4. Access and modify custom properties

Other Supported Metadata Formats

Using C++, You can also manipulate metadata of many other formats including.