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Efficiently Create, Load & Manipulate Presentations of Many Different Formats

Aspose.Slides for Java allows your applications to create, load and manipulate MS PowerPoint 97 – 2003 and 2007 presentations, templates or slide shows in a simple and efficient manner.

Export Presentations to PDF, TIFF or XPS Documents with a Single Method

Aspose.Slides for Java allows you to export your presentations to a number of standard formats such as PDF, TIFF and XPS. These formats are known for their flexibility to exchange data between different organizations. In order to export a presentation, you simply load the presentation and call the save method along with the desired output format.

Render Slides to Images of Any Size

An important feature of Aspose.Slides for Java is the ability to render slides within a presentation to any image format supported by the JDK. You can control the output image size or scale it for further use. In addition, any shapes on a slide can also be rendered to any size.

Export Slides to SVG

The Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format is a graphic format that has a number of advantages over other graphic formats due to its open and vector based approach. Aspose.Slides for Java handles SVG with the greatest of ease, and provides the support for exporting slides to SVG files.

Support for Large Numbers of Basic or Group Shapes

Aspose.Slides for Java provides the read/write support for almost all basic and group shapes. If support is not provided for a shape type, Aspose.Slides for Java provides the serialize feature to load that shape from an existing presentation for further use through Aspose.Slides for Java.

Support for Applying or Reading Animations from Shapes

Animation is an important feature of any modern presentation. Aspose.Slides for Java provides support for reading and creating animation effects on shapes within slides.

Support for OLE Objects

Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) is a rich feature for using objects created by one application in another. Aspose.Slides for Java supports this feature efficiently.