Aspose.SVG for Python via .NET is a powerful on-premise class library designed to enable developers to work seamlessly with SVG files across a wide range of operations without additional SVG manipulation tools. Python API facilitates SVG content's easy creation, modification, rendering, and conversion, strictly adhering to the official SVG specifications. It offers many features, including conversion of SVG to popular formats like PDF, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, WEBP, and GIF, image and text vectorization, SVG filter effects, and more. You can use Python API to develop high-level software in Python. It is ideally suited for building applications such as SVG editors, converters, mergers, and vectorizers, catering to developers who require extensive SVG processing capabilities.

Advanced Features of Aspose.SVG for Python via .NET API

Create and read SVG documents

Edit and Save SVG files

Full control over SVG nodes

Change the node properties

Content navigation using XPath Query

Extract data from documents

Merge SVG files into one document

Optimize SVG

SVG Transformations

Convert SVG using Python via .NET

Aspose.SVG for Python via .NET can read and convert SVG to PDF, XPS and major image formats. This is a professional software solution to process SVG document formats using Python. Here are a few lines of Python code to convert SVG to PDF.

Convert SVG to PDF – Python via .NET

import aspose
from aspose.svg import *
from aspose.svg.converters import *
from aspose.svg.drawing.skiasharp import *
from aspose.svg.rendering import *
from aspose.svg.drawing import *

# Activate the Aspose.SVG.Drawing.SkiaSharp feature
options = PdfSaveOptions()
options.background_color = aspose.pydrawing.Color.transparent
options.page_setup.sizing = SizingType.FIT_CONTENT
options.horizontal_resolution = Resolution.from_dots_per_inch(96.0)
options.vertical_resolution = Resolution.from_dots_per_inch(96.0)
with SVGDocument("source.svg") as document:

    # Convert SVG to PDF
    Converter.convert_svg(document, options, "result.pdf")

You can try online SVG Converter by following the link.


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