Resize SVG – Free Online Tool

Resize SVG Online

Resize SVG is a free online demo that allows you to scale SVG images to get the required result. Every time you run this tool, it uses Aspose.SVG for .NET API to apply scaling to SVG. Resize SVG can both reduce and increase the size of SVG images. It works from any browser and device and does not require downloading additional software. Resizing has never been easier – select output size in persents and get the perfect size of your image in a few seconds!

Resize SVG is the easiest way to scale SVG online without writing code. Whether you’re uploading SVG files to social media or a blog or need to resize images for any reason, you can use the Resize SVG. All you have to do is select and load SVG images to resize, set the options, and click the button! Our demo shows the functionality of Aspose.SVG, and you can use it absolutely free! If you want to resize SVG programmatically, please see the article Scale SVG – C# Examples and use C# code in your project. But if you came here, resize SVG online with one click!