Aspose.Tasks for Java is a stable and flexible project management API to manipulate Microsoft Project documents. Developers can define a project’s main and default properties as well as calendar information. They can also specify weekdays and calendar exceptions. API makes it easy to add & recalculate tasks, resources and other data without user intervention.

Aspose.Tasks for Java API exposes the complete document structure to read and write Microsoft Project documents. With this powerful API, developers can control various stages of project management such as planning, tracking and much more.

Advanced Project Management API Features

Read, change & write Microsoft Project files

Read MPP & XML project formats

Create, update & write projects in XML project format

Read MPP files & update summary information

Change default settings

Convert MPP to XML format

Change the main settings

Manage extended attributes

Render data to HTML

Define weekdays for the project

Define weekdays for calendars & calendar exceptions

Read & write calendars for tasks & resources

Manage task baseline scheduling & durations

Handle constraints on tasks

Create & manage links between tasks

Read, change & create tasks, milestone, estimated, critical or effort driven tasks

Manage resources costs & variances

Access assignment costs & budget

Export Project Data to Universal Formats

API support rendering resources, tasks, and resource assignment data to various formats such as JPG, PNG, PDF, XML, XAML, HTML, BMP, XPS, TIFF and SVG. Moreover, exporting data to TXT, CSV, XLSX, XLS and MPT formats is also possible.

Save MPP data in different formats - Java

// load the file to be converted

Project pjt = new Project(dir + "template.mpp");

// Convert MPP to PDF, HTML and TIFF formats + "output.pdf", SaveFileFormat.PDF); + "output.html", SaveFileFormat.HTML); + "output.tiff", SaveFileFormat.TIFF);

Create & Update Resources

Aspose.Tasks for Java provides features for working with resources within project plans. Almost all of the resource attributes are supported. Resource data can be updated and written back to both MPP and XML formats.

Render Data to Image Formats

Having its own rendering engine, API can easily render data to different raster & vector image formats and can specify various properties of the resultant image before rendering.

Render project data to JPEG - Java

// load file

Project pjt = new Project(dir + "template.mpp");

// create ImageSaveOptions with desired format

ImageSaveOptions options = new ImageSaveOptions(SaveFileFormat.JPEG);

// render MPP to JPEG + "output.jpg", options);

Manage Resource Assignments

In its simplest form, a project plan is a collection of tasks assigned to a group of resources. Aspose.Tasks for Java provides an API for handling resource allocation and assignment within a plan.

Handle Calendars & Calendar Exceptions

Aspose.Tasks for Java takes care of calendars and calendar exceptions. There could be any number of calendars within a project plan and the library can handle them with the greatest ease.

Microsoft Office Automation - Not Needed

Aspose.Tasks for Java is built using managed code that never needs Microsoft Office or Project to be installed on the machine to work with MS Project files. It is a perfect Microsoft Project automation alternative in terms of supported features, security, stability, scalability, speed, and price.


Support and Learning Resources


Aspose.Tasks offers individual APIs for popular development environments as listed below: