Aspose.Tasks for .NET is a reliable project management API to process Microsoft Project files. API supports reading, writing, and manipulating of Microsoft Project documents without any other software dependencies. Moreover, API exposes project data to offer complete planning, definition, and tracking capabilities. The library fully supports various project properties and can be used to manipulate calendars or work schedules. Aspose.Tasks for .NET API showcases data such as Microsoft Project files, resources, resource assignments, and extended attributes data so that developers can manipulate them. Users can completely plan by creating and reading Microsoft Project files and resources and assign or remove resources to or from Microsoft Project files. Users can manipulate constraints, priorities, critical and effort-driven MS files, stop or resume a task and split project, manage extended attributes, link Microsoft Project files and write updated data back to the project.

Advanced .NET Microsoft Project API Features

Create MS Project and Oracle Primavera files from scratch

Define weekdays and exceptions for a calendar

Read and write password protected MS Project files

Export project to other formats with highly customizable Gantt Chart

Manage baselines, costs & milestones

Handle Microsoft Project files, resources and assignments extended attributes and their definitions

Customize resource assignment's work contour

Render work breakdown structures (WBS) to images

Render MS Project and Oracle Primavera files to HTML

Sort projects by names, dates, durations and by many other fields

Update custom properties of MPP Project files

Open and Save project files from/to MS Project Online or on-premise instance of MS Project Server via PWA

Wide range of conversions between Microsoft Project formats to images and other data formats including PDF, Excel, HTML

MPP, MPT, MPX and XML Files Viewer for .NET

API Features in Documentation

You can see the full list of Aspose.Tasks features in our documentation. Using Aspose.Tasks C# library in your project allows you to perform the following project`s:

Convert Project Data to Multiple Formats

Aspose.Tasks for .NET supports rendering MS projects, resources, and resource assignment data to fixed-layout formats as well as XML, HTML and several other popular file formats for easy distribution of information.

Save project data in different formats - C#

// load the file to be converted

var prj = new Aspose.Tasks.Project(dir + "template.mpp");

// save in different formats

prj.Save(dir + "output.pdf", Aspose.Tasks.Saving.SaveFileFormat.PDF);

prj.Save(dir + "output.html", Aspose.Tasks.Saving.SaveFileFormat.HTML);

prj.Save(dir + "output.xml", Aspose.Tasks.Saving.SaveFileFormat.XML);    

An important feature of the library is the ability to render WBS in a project to any of the standard image formats supported by the .NET Framework. In addition, it is also possible to export project data to CSV, TXT, XLS, XLSX and MPT formats.

You can try online Microsoft Project files Converter.

You can also convert project data, Jira, MPP, MPX, MPT, or XML into many other file formats including few listed below:

Merge JIRA, MPP, MPT, MS Project, MPX, Oracle-Primavera PDF and XML Files

Aspose.Tasks for .NET API makes the files' merging process easier for developers:
- loads files using Aspose.Tasks classes for work with Microsoft Project documents without utilizing Microsoft Project;
- creates an instance of Technical Articles how to rendering and using Aspose.Tasks with other languages
- Contains classes for saving a project to different formats.

Moreover, you can merge files in real-time! Combine Jira, MPP, MPX, MPT, XML, MS Projects into PDF, XPS, Primavera and many other file formats:

Handle Microsoft Project files in Project

Aspose.Tasks for .NET provides a rich set of classes for handling projects within a MS file. Project plans can range in complexity from a simple flat task list to a large nested group of interdependent MS files. Regardless of the complexity, Aspose.Tasks for .NET is capable of dealing with any scenario. Including, it allows you to create and edit MS project files using the Document Object Model (DOM). DOM is a programming interface that allows you to present a document in the form of a tree of nodes, where each node is a part of the document. The Aspose.Tasks API for .NET allows you to connect to a page, load it, modify its content, and perform other file operations.

The .NET Microsoft Project API assists developers to read, modify, navigate and edit MS Project documents. Some file editing functions that the Aspose.Tasks for .NET API can perform are the following:
- navigate on the documents by using various methods, such as, element traversal, document traversal, XPath queries, and CSS selector queries,
- remove and replace some fata from a file,
- mergin project files,
- locking and unlocking and other functions.

Convert Project Data to Images

Aspose.Tasks for .NET has its own rendering engine specially designed to replicate MS Project render style. This allows the developers to render project data to a number of raster & vector image formats while controlling certain aspects of the resultant image.

Render project data to JPEG - C#

    // load file

    var prj = new Aspose.Tasks.Project(dir + "template.mpp");

    // create ImageSaveOptions with desired format

    var options = new Aspose.Tasks.Saving.ImageSaveOptions(Aspose.Tasks.Saving.SaveFileFormat.JPEG)

    {    CustomPageSize = new SizeF(2200, 1100),    HorizontalResolution = 96f,    VerticalResolution = 96f,

        JpegQuality = 70


    // render data to image format

    prj.Save(dir + "output.jpg", options);

The reverse conversion is that simple! Using the Aspose.Tasks class library in your C# application, you can easily convert Mareach MS Project file into any fileformat file with just one line of code!

Try online MS Project Converter You can convert MS Project files to XML, PDF, MPX, XLSX, XLS, XPS, TXT, HTML, JPG, and other image formats. Upload, transform your documents and get results in a few seconds. You don't need any additional software.

Aspose.Tasks for .NET library provides MS Project parsing API for the C# platform. You can сreate, edit, save, merge, convert MPP files to other file formats, and add links, lists, code blocks, images and other elements into project files by following the links:

Microsoft Project files Scheduling, Tracking & Budget Assessment

Aspose.Tasks for .NET can calculate a project's critical path and scheduling. It also allows developers to manage task baselines & actual work, access assignment costs & budget, and manage resource costs & variances for project tracking. These are just a few capabilities from a long list of features the API supports.

Save HTML Elements to Separate Files

Aspose.Tasks for .NET API makes exporting project data to HTML really great experience, as it lets you export the fonts, images and CSS styles to separate files. Furthermore, you can also assign necessary parameters to the callback functions to the export process.

COM Interoperability Support

Aspose.Tasks for .NET exposes its capabilities through a COM interface. This means that you don't need to restrict yourself to use Aspose.Tasks for .NET with just the .NET platform, it can be used in any language you need through its COM interoperability services.

Aspose.Tasks offers free online MS Project Viewer, which help to get information about the project via URL. Our apps are secure, cross-platform and require no software installation. The applications are simple and easy to use, but effective and reliable.

Other Supported Aspose.Tasks for .NET API Features

Use the Aspose.Tasks C# library to convert, merge, lock, unlock download documents, and more!


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