TeX is a programming language, you may find it called a data markup one. At the same time, TeX is an interpreter engine that understands this language and a typesetting system as a whole.

It is used for mathematical or technical text writing. Many different packets have been created on the basis of ΤeΧ. The most famous such package is LaTeX. It lets authors focus on the text and leave the typography process to the program. With LaTeX structured documents are easy to create and manage.

Aspose.TeX for .NET is a flexible and easy-to-use library to typeset TeX and LaTeX files. API supports multiple output formats like XPS, PDF, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, SVG, and BMP. It meant that with the functionality of this library, you can convert TeX and LaTeX files to any of the output formats. With the solution, you can create a custom TeX format if you want to create and/or typeset a bunch of documents designed uniformly.

Advanced .NET TeX Files Typesetting API Features

Typeset TeX files

Aspose.TeX for .NET can easily typeset TeX files to get documents in different formats.

Load, Extract and Save TTF - C#

    // Create the format provider using the file system input working directory.
    // Use the project output directory as our custom format file located there.
    using (FormatProvider formatProvider =
        new FormatProvider(new InputFileSystemDirectory(RunExamples.OutputDirectory), "customtex"))
        // Create conversion options for a custom format upon ObjectTeX engine extension.
        TeXOptions options = TeXOptions.ConsoleAppOptions(TeXConfig.ObjectTeX(formatProvider));
        options.JobName = "typeset-with-custom-format";
        // Specify the input working directory if needed.
        // But it is required when the main input has dependencies (e.g. images).
        options.InputWorkingDirectory = new InputFileSystemDirectory(RunExamples.InputDirectory);
        // Specify a file system working directory for the output.
        options.OutputWorkingDirectory = new OutputFileSystemDirectory(RunExamples.OutputDirectory);

        // Run the job.
        new TeXJob(new MemoryStream(Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(
                "Congratulations! You have successfully typeset this text with your own TeX format!\\end")),
                new XpsDevice(), options).Run();

        // Refine the output.

Aspose.TeX for .NET provides an easy-to-use mechanism for converting TeX and LaTeX files to PDF and image formats. The conversion process can be configured to control the quality of images as well as to handle errors if developers are working with batches.
The solution also offers varios conversions like:


Support and Learning Resources


Aspose.TeX offers individual APIs for popular development environments as listed below: