Document Conversion using Android API

Convert Microsoft® Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, Images and various other formats using Aspose.Total for Android via Java.

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Total Android API provides the document conversion and mangement solution for Android applications without relying on any other software. Programmers can automate the document management and manipulation solution eaisly by integrating API within new developed applications or in existing applications. By integrating the API, Programmer can easily add functionality to create, edit or convert various format documents within the application. PDF Converter API in Android handles conversion cases like Office DOCX, XLSX, PPTX to PDF or vice versa. Moreover, Few cases that API deals listed below and few links given for the relevant conversion cases.

Convert PDF to CSV

Total Android API supports PDF to Excel XLSX and CSV conversion. It’s a two step process. Two Total APIs Aspose.PDF for Android via Java and Aspose.Cells for Android via Java involved. Process is you can covert PDF to Excel XLSX format firstly and then XLSX to CSV. In more detail, Load PDF file via Document class and render to XLSX via save method. Next load the rendered XLSX document by using Workbook class and invoke save method.

Android - PDF to Excel Conversion


Excel to Word Conversion

Android API handles Excel conversion as well. Process is, Load EXCEL XLSX file using Workbook class and convert EXCEL to PDF by setting SaveFormat to AUTO firstly. Nex load the saved PDF file using Document class and invoke save method to save the document to Word DOC / DOCX format.

Android - Excel to Word Conversion



Android Total API deals with various formats including PowerPoint files so can convert presentations to HTML and MHTML. Process is, Load POWERPOINT PPT/ PPTX file using Presentation class and invoke save method to convert POWERPOINT to HTML. Moreover, Now load the converted HTML document by using Workbook class and call save method for MHTML conversion.

Android - PowerPoint Slides to HTML and MHTML Conversion