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Why to Convert

The MOBI format is a popular format for e-books, but it is not compatible with Microsoft Excel. Therefore, if you want to view or edit the content of a MOBI file in Excel, you need to convert it to the XLT format.

How Aspose.Total Helps for MOBI to XLT Conversion

Aspose.Total for Android via Java is a comprehensive suite of APIs that enables developers to integrate document manipulation and conversion features into their Android applications. With Aspose.Total, you can easily convert MOBI to XLT.

The process of converting MOBI to XLT involves two steps. Firstly, you can convert MOBI to HTML by using the feature-rich document manipulation and conversion API Aspose.Words for Android via Java. This API provides a wide range of features for creating, editing, and converting documents. After that, you can use Aspose.Cells for Java to convert HTML to XLT. This API provides a comprehensive set of features for working with spreadsheets, including the ability to convert HTML to XLT.

Once you have converted the MOBI file to XLT, you can open it in Microsoft Excel and view or edit the content. Aspose.Total for Android via Java makes it easy to integrate MOBI to XLT conversion into your Android applications.

Android API to Convert MOBI to XLT

  1. Open MOBI file using Document class
  2. Convert MOBI to HTML by using Save method
  3. Load HTML document by using Workbook class
  4. Save the document to XLT format using Save method

Get Started with Android via Java APIs

You can easily use Aspose.Total for Android via Java directly from Maven and install Aspose.Cells for Android via Java and Aspose.Words for Android via Java in your applications.

Alternatively, you can get a ZIP file from downloads .

Free Online Converter for MOBI to XLT

Remove Unused Information from a MOBI Document in Android Apps

Before converting MOBI to XLT, you can remove unused information from MOBI Document via Aspose.Words for Android via Java . Sometimes you may need to remove unused or duplicate information to reduce the size of the output document and processing time. The CleanupOptions class allows you to specify options for document cleaning. To remove duplicate styles or just unused styles or lists from the document, you can use the Cleanup method. You can use the UnusedStyles and UnusedBuiltinStyles properties to detect and remove styles that are marked as “unused”.

Save XLT File to Stream in Android Apps

After converting MOBI to XLT, Aspose.Cells for Android via Java enables you to save your document to stream. If you need to save files to a Stream then you should create a FileOutputStream object and then save the file to that Stream object by calling the save method of Workbook object.


  • How can I convert MOBI to XLT Online?
    The online app for MOBI conversion, which you can find above, is a handy tool for converting MOBI files into XLT format. The process is straightforward and easy to use. To get started, simply drag and drop your MOBI file into the white area of the app or click inside the area to import your document. Once your file has been uploaded, click the "Convert" button to initiate the conversion process.
    The app will quickly process your file and convert it into a high-quality XLT format. Once the conversion is complete, you can download your new XLT file with just one click. This makes it incredibly easy to convert MOBI files into XLT format, and it's an excellent option for anyone looking to quickly and easily convert their files without having to install any additional software. Overall, the MOBI to XLT converter is an excellent tool that can save you time and effort.
  • How long does it take to convert MOBI?
    If you're looking for a fast and efficient way to convert your MOBI files to XLT format, this online converter is a great option. However, the speed of the conversion process can vary depending on the size of your MOBI file. If you're working with a small file, you can expect the conversion to take only a few seconds.
    If you're using the converter within a Android App application, the speed of the conversion process will depend on how well you've optimized your application. To get the best performance from the converter, you'll want to make sure that your application is running smoothly and efficiently. This can involve optimizing your code, reducing the amount of memory your application uses, and making sure that your application is running on a fast and reliable server.
  • Is it safe to convert MOBI to XLT using free Aspose.Total converter?
    Of course! If you're using the online MOBI to XLT converter, you'll be happy to know that the download link for your converted files will be available instantly after the conversion process is complete. And don't worry about your files' security - the app deletes uploaded files after 24 hours, and the download links stop working after this time period. This ensures that no one has access to your files, and you can rest assured that your data is safe and secure.
    In addition, the MOBI to XLT converter is completely free to use, making it an excellent option for testing purposes. You can use the converter to test the results before integrating the code into your application. This can help you determine whether the MOBI to XLT conversion process meets your needs and whether you want to continue using the app in the future.
  • What browser should I use to convert MOBI?
    When it comes to using the online MOBI to XLT converter, you'll be happy to know that you can use any modern browser to complete the conversion process. This includes popular browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari. So no matter which browser you prefer to use, you can count on this converter to work smoothly and efficiently.
    However, if you're developing a desktop application, you may want to consider using the Aspose.Total MOBI Conversion API instead. This API is designed specifically for converting MOBI files to a variety of different formats, including XLT. The API is optimized for desktop applications and can provide faster and more reliable performance than the online converter.

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