Render SVG to EXCEL in Android via Java

Transform SVG to EXCEL within Android applications without requiring Microsoft® Excel or Adobe® Acrobat Reader


You can integrate SVG to EXCEL conversion feature within your android applications in two step process. Firstly, by using Aspose.PDF for Android via Java you can covert SVG to XLSX. Secondly, you can convert XLSX to EXCEL by using Powerful Spreadsheet Processing API Aspose.Cells for Android via Java . Both APIs come under Aspose.Total for Android via Java product family.

Android API to Render SVG to EXCEL

  1. Open SVG file using Document class
  2. Convert SVG to XLSX by using save method
  3. Load XLSX document by using Workbook class
  4. Save the document to CSV format using save method

Get Started with Android via Java APIs

You can easily use Aspose.Total for Android via Java directly from Maven and install Aspose.PDF for Android via Java and Aspose.Cells for Android via Java in your applications.

Alternatively, you can get a ZIP file from downloads .

Get XMP Metadata of SVG File in Android via Java

Aspose.PDF for Android via Java allows you to access a SVG file’s XMP metadata. In order to get the metadata, create a Document object and open the input SVG file and use the getMetadata() property to get the metadata.

Protect EXCEL Document in Android via Java

Aspose.Cells for Android via Java supports protecting your EXCEL file depending upon your needs. In order to protect your document you can use protectSharedWorkbook method of Workbook class.

Other Conversion Options

SVG TO XLT (Excel 97 - 2003 Template)
SVG TO TXT (Text Document)
SVG TO TSV (Tab Seperated Values)
SVG TO ODS (OpenDocument Spreadsheet)
SVG TO XLSM (Macro-enabled Spreadsheet)
SVG TO DIF (Data Interchange Format)
SVG TO SXC (StarOffice Calc Spreadsheet)
SVG TO FODS (OpenDocument Flat XML Spreadsheet)
SVG TO XLSB (Excel Binary Workbook)
SVG TO XLAM (Excel Macro-Enabled Add-In)
SVG TO MD (Markdown Language)
SVG TO CSV (Comma Seperated Values)

SVG What is SVG File Format?

An SVG file is a Scalar Vector Graphics file that uses XML based text format for describing the appearance of an image. The word Scalable refers to the fact that the SVG can be scaled to different sizes without losing any quality. Text-based description of such files makes them independent of resolution. It is one of the most used formats for building a website and print graphics in order to achieve scalability. The format can only be used for two-dimensional graphics though. SVG files can be viewed/opened in almost all modern browsers including Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari.

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CSV What is CSV File Format?

Files with .csv (Comma Separated Values) extension represent plain text files that contain records of data with comma separated values. Each line in a CSV file is a new record from the set of records contained in the file. Such files are generated when data transfer is intended from one storage system to another. Since all applications can recognize records separated by comma, import of such data files to database is done very conveniently. Almost all spreadsheet applications such as Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Calc can import CSV without much effort. Data imported from such files is arranged in cells of a spreadsheet for representation to user.

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