Convert TXT to POT in Android Apps or Online App

TXT to POT conversion in your Android Applications without installing Microsoft Word® or PowerPoint


Are you an Android developer looking to add a document conversion feature to your application? Aspose.Total for Android via Java File Format Automation libraries can help you automate the document conversion process in your Android applications. In order to convert TXT file to POT, you can first use document manipulation API Aspose.Words for Android Java to convert TXT file format to HTML. After that by using PowerPoint API Aspose.Slides for Android Java , you can create a new Presentation, write HTML content in it, and save it as POT.

How to Convert TXT to POT in Android

  1. Open TXT file using Document class
  2. Convert TXT file to HTML by using save method
  3. Initialize a new Presentation object
  4. Extract content from HTML file using BufferedReader and write the content in your presentation file
  5. Save the document to POT using save method

TXT File Conversion in Android

For TXT to POT file conversion, you can easily use Aspose.Total for Android via Java directly from Maven and install libraries in your app.

Alternatively, you can get a ZIP file from downloads .

Free Online Converter for TXT to POT

Convert TXT to POT with Watermark in Android via Java

Within your Android applications, the API also allows you to perform TXT file to POT conversion with watermark. In order to add a watermark to your POT document, you can first export TXT to HTML and write HTML content in Presentation object. After that to add a watermark, you can add text using addTextFrame, set all the relevant options like color, fillType and more and can save the document to POT.

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What is TXT File Format

A TXT file is a plain text file format that is used to store and exchange text-based information without any formatting or layout. It is one of the simplest file formats, consisting of only a sequence of characters with no specific structure or metadata. TXT files are widely used for storing data that can be easily read and processed by a computer or a program. They are commonly used for creating and exchanging documents, such as notes, memos, and technical reports, as well as for storing configuration and log files. The TXT format is supported by virtually all operating systems and applications, making it a universally accessible and interoperable file format. It can be easily created and edited using any text editor, such as Notepad, Sublime Text, or Vim. One of the advantages of TXT files is their small file size, as they do not contain any formatting or embedded objects, such as images or tables. This makes them ideal for exchanging large amounts of text-based data, such as email messages or code snippets.

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What is POT File Format

Microsoft PowerPoint Template Files POT format is a file format that is used to store PowerPoint templates. A POT file contains a collection of slides that can be used to create a PowerPoint presentation. POT files are typically created by PowerPoint users who want to share their templates with others.

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