Convert WORD to ODS in Android Applications or Online App

Export WORD to ODS in Android via Java without using Microsoft® Word or Microsoft® Excel


By using Aspose.Total for Android via Java you can integrate WORD to ODS conversion feature inside your android applications. Firstly, you can convert WORD to HTML by using feature-rich, document manipulation and conversion API Aspose.Words for Android via Java . After that, by using Aspose.Cells for Java , you can convert HTML to ODS.

Android API to Convert WORD to ODS

  1. Open WORD file using Document class
  2. Convert WORD to HTML by using Save method
  3. Load HTML document by using Workbook class
  4. Save the document to ODS format using Save method

Get Started with Android via Java APIs

You can easily use Aspose.Total for Android via Java directly from Maven and install Aspose.Cells for Android via Java and Aspose.Words for Android via Java in your applications.

Alternatively, you can get a ZIP file from downloads .

Free Online Converter for WORD to ODS

Remove Unused Information from a WORD Document in Android via Java

Before converting WORD to ODS, you can remove unused information from WORD Document via Aspose.Words for Android via Java . Sometimes you may need to remove unused or duplicate information to reduce the size of the output document and processing time. The CleanupOptions class allows you to specify options for document cleaning. To remove duplicate styles or just unused styles or lists from the document, you can use the Cleanup method. You can use the UnusedStyles and UnusedBuiltinStyles properties to detect and remove styles that are marked as “unused”.

Save ODS File to Stream in Android via Java

After converting WORD to ODS, Aspose.Cells for Android via Java enables you to save your document to stream. If you need to save files to a Stream then you should create a FileOutputStream object and then save the file to that Stream object by calling the save method of Workbook object.

Explore WORD Conversion Options with Android

What is WORD File Format

There are several file formats associated with Microsoft Word, the most popular word processing software. The most common file formats include DOC (Word Document), DOCX (Word Open XML Document), RTF (Rich Text Format), TXT (Plain Text), PDF (Portable Document Format), ODT (OpenDocument Text) and HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). There are other less common formats such as DOT, DOTM, and DOTX, which are used for document templates, and MHT and MHTML, which are used for saving web pages.

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What is ODS File Format

OpenDocument Spreadsheet (ODS) is a file format for spreadsheets, typically used by open source office suites such as Apache OpenOffice and LibreOffice. ODS files are based on the OpenDocument XML format and use the .ods file extension.ODS files can store data in a range of cells, which can be formatted using a variety of cell styles. ODS files can also contain charts and other graphical elements.ODS files are typically smaller than comparable files in other spreadsheet formats, such as Microsoft Excels .xlsx format. This can be an advantage when sharing files, as smaller files are easier to transfer and take up less storage space.ODS files can be opened and edited in a variety of office suites and spreadsheet programs. Many programs can also export data to the ODS format, making it a convenient way to share data between different software applications.

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