Convert WORD to PPT in Android Apps or Online App

WORD to PPT conversion in your Android Applications without installing Microsoft Word® or PowerPoint


Are you an Android developer looking to add a document conversion feature to your application? Aspose.Total for Android via Java File Format Automation libraries can help you automate the document conversion process in your Android applications. In order to convert WORD file to PPT, you can first use document manipulation API Aspose.Words for Android Java to convert WORD file format to HTML. After that by using PowerPoint API Aspose.Slides for Android Java , you can create a new Presentation, write HTML content in it, and save it as PPT.

How to Convert WORD to PPT in Android

  1. Open WORD file using Document class
  2. Convert WORD file to HTML by using save method
  3. Initialize a new Presentation object
  4. Extract content from HTML file using BufferedReader and write the content in your presentation file
  5. Save the document to PPT using save method

WORD File Conversion in Android

For WORD to PPT file conversion, you can easily use Aspose.Total for Android via Java directly from Maven and install libraries in your app.

Alternatively, you can get a ZIP file from downloads .

Free Online Converter for WORD to PPT

Convert Protected WORD to PPT in Android via Java

You can also convert your password-protected WORD to PPT within your Android applications. If your input WORD document is password protected, you cannot convert it to PPT format without using the password. In order to open an encrypted document, you can set the correct password in the LoadOptions object and pass it to the Document constructor.

Convert WORD to PPT with Watermark in Android via Java

Within your Android applications, the API also allows you to perform WORD file to PPT conversion with watermark. In order to add a watermark to your PPT document, you can first export WORD to HTML and write HTML content in Presentation object. After that to add a watermark, you can add text using addTextFrame, set all the relevant options like color, fillType and more and can save the document to PPT.

Explore WORD Conversion Options with Android

What is WORD File Format

There are several file formats associated with Microsoft Word, the most popular word processing software. The most common file formats include DOC (Word Document), DOCX (Word Open XML Document), RTF (Rich Text Format), TXT (Plain Text), PDF (Portable Document Format), ODT (OpenDocument Text) and HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). There are other less common formats such as DOT, DOTM, and DOTX, which are used for document templates, and MHT and MHTML, which are used for saving web pages.

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What is PPT File Format

Microsoft PowerPoint 97-2003 PPT format is a binary file format used to store presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint 97-2003 and earlier versions. PowerPoint 97-2003 PPT format is based on the OLE Compound File Binary Format. A PowerPoint 97-2003 PPT file consists of a series of records stored in a linear sequence. Each record has a header that specifies the record type and length, followed by the data for the record. The PowerPoint 97-2003 PPT format supports a variety of different record types, including Slide records, which store the data for a single slide in a presentation, Document records, which store the overall presentation data, and Style records, which store formatting information for the presentation. The PowerPoint 97-2003 PPT format is not compatible with the newer PowerPoint 2007 PPTX format. To convert a PowerPoint 97-2003 PPT file to the newer PPTX format, you must first open the file in PowerPoint 97-2003 and then save it as a PowerPoint 2007 PPTX file.

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