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Export WORD to XLTX via C++ without using Microsoft® Word or Microsoft® Excel

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Why to Convert

Converting Word documents to Excel spreadsheets is a common requirement for many businesses. It allows users to easily analyze and manipulate data from Word documents in Excel. This can be especially useful for data-heavy documents, such as reports, invoices, and financial statements.

How Aspose.Total Helps for Word to XLTX Conversion

Aspose.Total for C++ is a comprehensive suite of APIs that enables developers to easily create, manipulate, and convert documents in various formats. It includes two APIs specifically designed for Word to XLTX conversion: Aspose.Words for C++ and Aspose.Cells for C++.

Aspose.Words for C++ is a feature-rich, powerful, and easy-to-use document manipulation and conversion API. It allows developers to export Word documents to HTML, which can then be converted to XLTX using Aspose.Cells for C++. Aspose.Words for C++ also supports a wide range of other document formats, including DOCX, PDF, and ODT.

Aspose.Cells for C++ is a powerful spreadsheet manipulation API that enables developers to create, manipulate, and convert spreadsheets in various formats. It supports a wide range of spreadsheet formats, including XLTX, XLSX, and ODS. It also allows developers to easily convert HTML to XLTX, making it the perfect companion to Aspose.Words for C++.

By combining Aspose.Words for C++ and Aspose.Cells for C++, developers can easily include WORD to XLTX conversion features within their C++ applications. Both APIs are included in the Aspose.Total for C++ package, which provides developers with a comprehensive suite of APIs for document manipulation and conversion.

C++ API to Convert WORD to XLTX

  1. Open WORD file using Document class reference
  2. Convert WORD to HTML by using Save member function
  3. Load HTML document by using IWorkbook class reference
  4. Save the document to XLTX format using Save member function

Get Started with C++ File Automation APIs

Install from command line as nuget install Aspose.Total.Cpp or via Package Manager Console of Visual Studio with Install-Package Aspose.Total.Cpp.

Alternatively, get the offline MSI installer or DLLs in a ZIP file from downloads .

Access WORD Document Properties via C++

Aspose.Words for C++ also allows you to access document properties of WORD file and lets you take an informed decision before the conversion process. To access document properties you can use BuiltInDocumentProperties to obtain built-in properties and CustomDocumentProperties to obtain custom properties. The following code example shows how to enumerate all built-in and custom properties in a document.

Save XLTX File to Stream via C++

After converting WORD to XLTX, Aspose.Cells for C++ enables you to save your document to stream. To save files to a stream, create a MemoryStream or FileStream object and save the file to that stream object by calling the IWorkbook object’s Save method. Specify the desired file format using the SaveFormat enumeration when calling the Save method.


  • How can I convert WORD to XLTX Online?
    To use the above WORD to XLTX converter, simply follow these easy steps. First, add your WORD file to the converter by either dragging and dropping the file into the white area or clicking inside the area to import the document. Next, click the "Convert" button to initiate the conversion process.
    Once the WORD to XLTX conversion is complete, you'll be able to download your converted file instantly with just one click. This makes it incredibly easy to convert your WORD files to XLTX format, and you can do it all without having to install any additional software or plugins.
  • How long does it take to convert WORD?
    When it comes to using the WORD to XLTX converter, the speed of the conversion process will depend largely on the size of your WORD file. For smaller files, the conversion can be completed in just a few seconds, making it incredibly fast and efficient. However, larger files may take a bit longer to convert.
    If you're planning to integrate the WORD to XLTX conversion code into your C++ application, the speed and efficiency of the conversion process will also depend on how well you've optimized your application. By ensuring that your application is optimized for the conversion process, you can help ensure that your WORD files are converted to XLTX format quickly and accurately.
  • Is it safe to convert WORD to XLTX using free Aspose.Total converter?
    Of course! When you use the WORD to XLTX converter, you can rest assured that your files are safe and secure. After the conversion is complete, you'll be provided with a download link for your new XLTX file. This link will be available instantly and can be used to download the file to your device.
    To ensure the safety and privacy of your files, we automatically delete any uploaded files after 24 hours. This means that no one else will have access to your files once the conversion process is complete. Additionally, the WORD to XLTX converter is designed to be safe and secure, so you can trust that your files are being handled with the utmost care.
  • What browser should I use to convert WORD?
    The WORD to XLTX converter is an online tool that can be accessed through any modern web browser, including Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari. This makes it incredibly easy to use, as you can simply open the converter in your browser and start converting your WORD files to XLTX format right away.
    However, if you're developing a desktop application and need a more robust solution for WORD conversion, you may want to consider using the Aspose.Total WORD Conversion API. This powerful API is designed specifically for developers and offers a wide range of features and capabilities for working with WORD files, including conversion to XLTX format.

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