Search Documents using C++

Efficiently extract data from a variety of documents, encompassing Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF files using Aspose.Total for C++.

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Effectively searching and indexing content across diverse document formats equips users with the means to enhance productivity, streamline data retrieval, and improve information management in both organizational and application settings. Enhance the functionality of your C++ based software or systems by enabling text-based document searches and establishing indexes for rapid and efficient information retrieval from a broad range of document file formats.

Key Reasons of Document Content Search

  1. Content Validation
  2. Content Summarization
  3. Information Retrieval
  4. Text Analysis
  5. Data Extraction
  6. Document Organization
  7. Document Indexing

Search in Microsoft Powerpoint Presentations

We use Aspose.Slides for C++ , a child API of Aspose.Total for C++ designed for particular presentation manipulation features as well as tasks associated with retrieving and searching its content. Below code operates on a PowerPoint presentation. It begins by loading a presentation file using Aspose.Slides. The code then employs the SlideUtil::FindAndReplaceText function to find and replace the text throughout the presentation, with the ’true’ parameter indicating case-sensitive matching. Finally, it saves the updated presentation. So this code automates the process of finding and replacing specific text within a PowerPoint presentation. Moreover, Document C++ Search Library also supports PDF, Microsoft Word document search and other formats as well.

C++ code for Searcing in Excel Documents