File Format Conversion via Java

Convert Microsoft® Office documents, PDF, Images, HTML and multiple other files without using any other software.

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Java Total Library speeds up developing document manipulation solutions from scratch or enhancing existing applications to deal document management with ease. API not only create, edit and convert Microsoft Office documents but also handles PDF, HTML, Images TIFF, JPG, PNG, BMP and SVG, Email files, Video formats, 3D, CAD and much more. It is a collection of document management and manipulation solution APIs without any software dependencies within any Java J2SE, J2EE, J2ME applications. Programmers can easily create, update, render, print and convert between most popular formats within any Java based applications.

Word to Excel Conversion

Total API supports not only inter conversion of Microsoft Word formats but also converting Word to Excel, PDF, HTML, Images, EPUB, Markdown and XPS. Process of conversion is simple. Let’s consider the case of Word to Excel conversion. Load Microsoft Word file using Document class and convert WORD to HTML by using Save method . Next open the converted HTML document by using Workbook class and save the document to XLSX format using Save method. Developers can also convert Word to PDF .

Java Word to Excel Conversion


Convert PDF to Images

API supports converting PDF to Images like JPEG2000, EMZ, WMZ, TGA, PSD, DXF, WMF, SVGZ, APNG, DICOM, Powerpoint, Excel and other formats. For PDF to Image conversion, let’s consider the JPG image as target file. Process is, load PDF file using Document class and initialize JpegDevice class object and render PDF to JPEG via Process method Load JPEG file by using Image class and finally call the Save method.

Java PDF to Image Conversion


Convert PowerPoint to Excel Files

For converting Microsoft PowerPoint files to different files including Excel Word, MHTML, Relevant sub APIs involoved of main Aspose.Total for Java API. Process of converting PowerPoint files to Excel document, Load PowerPoint file using Presentation class and convert PowerPoint to HTML by using save method. Next load the converted HTML document by using Workbook class and save the document to EXCEL format using save method. Code for PowerPoint to Word conversion also listed.

Java PowerPoint to Excel Conversion

Java PowerPoint to Word Conversion