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Add OCR and PDF manipulation features within web applications without any other software dependencies

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Aspose.Total for JavaScript via C++ is an all-inclusive set of JavaScript libraries. These libraries offer functionalities like working directly with PDFs in web browsers and enhancing your applications with optical character recognition abilities.

Aspose.Total for JavaScript via C++ includes the following JavaScript libraries:

Aspose.PDF for JavaScript via C++

Aspose.PDF for JavaScript via C++

Aspose.PDF for JavaScript via C++ is a user-friendly and secure toolkit designed for working with PDFs directly in web browsers. This library supports 26 languages, including Latin, Cyrillic scripts, and Chinese characters.

It is a lightweight solution that enables developers to efficiently process PDFs with JavaScript. It's both scalable and feature-rich, allowing developers to craft their own JavaScript-based PDF manipulation products and easily share them across the web.

Aspose.OCR for JavaScript via C++

Aspose.OCR for JavaScript via C++

Aspose.OCR for JavaScript via C++ empowers your applications with efficient optical character recognition in just 8 lines of code.

The JavaScript OCR API is versatile, capable of recognizing content from scanned images, smartphone photos, screenshots, specific image areas, and scanned PDFs. It delivers results in popular document and data exchange formats. Notably, the API operates offline, eliminating the need for an internet connection.

Overview of JavaScript via C++ Libraries

Extract Text from PDF

Add images within PDF documents

Encrypt and Decrypt PDF

Merge and Split PDF

Convert PDF files to images

Extracts text from images and creates searchable PDFs

Supports any image you can get form a scanner or camera

Reads Extended Latin and Cyrillic scripts

Recognizes over 6,000 Chinese characters

Detects and recognizes all popular typefaces and formatting

Pre-processes images before recognition

Processes the whole image or selected areas only

Supports rotated, skewed and noisy images

Batch recognition of all images in a folder or archive

Recognizes images provided as web links

Finds and automatically corrects misspelled words

Get recognition result as JSON

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