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There are many reasons to convert XLSX files to PPTX files. The most common reason is to create a presentation from data that is stored in an Excel spreadsheet. Aspose.Total for .NET API helps you to easily convert XLSX files to PPTX files with a few lines of code.
Another common reason to convert XLSX to PPTX is to create a more visually appealing presentation. Excel data can be very dense and hard to read. By converting to PPTX, you can add charts, graphics, and other visual elements to make the data more understandable and engaging.
Aspose.Total for .NET API makes it easy to convert XLSX to PPTX with just a few lines of code. It can handle all of the complexities of the conversion process, including formatting, layout, and slide transitions.
If you need to convert XLSX to PPTX, Aspose.Total for .NET API is the easiest and most reliable way to do it.

How to Convert XLSX to PPTX?

  1. Open XLSX file using Workbook class
  2. Convert XLSX to PDF and set SaveFormat to Auto
  3. Load the converted PDF file using Document class
  4. Save the document to PPTX format using Save method and set Pptx as SaveFormat

Conversion Requirements

Install from command line as nuget install Aspose.Total or via Package Manager Console of Visual Studio with Install-Package Aspose.Total.

Alternatively, get the offline MSI installer or DLLs in a ZIP file from downloads .

.NET C# Code for XLSX to PPTX Conversion

var book = new Aspose.Cells.Workbook("input.xlsx");
// save XLSX as PDF
book.Save("pdfOutput.pdf", Aspose.Cells.SaveFormat.Auto); 
// load the PDF file using Document class
var document = new Aspose.Pdf.Document("pdfOutput.pdf");
// save document in PPTX format
document.Save("output.pptx", SaveFormat.Pptx); 

Free Online Converter for XLSX to PPTX

What is XLSX File Format?

The XLSX file format is a widely used file format for storing spreadsheet data in Microsoft Excel. It is the default and standard format for Excel workbooks in recent versions of the software.XLSX files are designed to store data in a structured and efficient manner. They utilize the Open XML format, which is an open standard for storing and manipulating office documents. This format offers several advantages, including smaller file sizes and improved data recovery capabilities.

With XLSX files, users can create, edit, and analyze data in Excel with a wide range of features and functionalities. The format supports various types of data, such as numbers, text, formulas, charts, and formatting options. It also allows for the creation of multiple worksheets within a single workbook, providing organization and flexibility for complex data sets.

One of the significant benefits of the XLSX format is its compatibility with different platforms and software applications. XLSX files can be opened and edited not only in Microsoft Excel but also in other spreadsheet programs like Google Sheets, LibreOffice Calc, and Apple Numbers. This makes it easier to collaborate and share data across different platforms and software environments.

Furthermore, XLSX files offer robust data protection and security features. Users can apply passwords to restrict access to the workbook or specific worksheets, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive information.

What is PPTX File Format?

The PPTX file format is the successor to the PPT (PowerPoint Presentation) format and is used by Microsoft PowerPoint, the popular presentation software included in the Microsoft Office suite. PPTX files were introduced with the release of Microsoft Office 2007 and are based on the Open XML file format.

PPTX files store presentations as a collection of individual slides, each containing various elements such as text, images, shapes, charts, tables, and multimedia content. The format uses XML-based encoding, which allows for more efficient storage, improved data recovery, and enhanced compatibility with other software applications.

One of the key advantages of the PPTX format is its smaller file size compared to the older PPT format. This is achieved through improved compression techniques and the elimination of redundant data, resulting in more compact files that are easier to share, transfer, and store.

PPTX files also offer advanced features and capabilities, including support for enhanced formatting options, slide transitions, animations, and embedded multimedia elements. The format allows for greater flexibility in designing and customizing presentations, enabling users to create visually appealing and interactive slideshows.

PPTX files can be opened, edited, and presented using Microsoft PowerPoint or compatible software applications across different platforms, including Windows, macOS, and mobile devices. They can be shared via email, uploaded to cloud storage services, or accessed through collaboration platforms for seamless teamwork and presentation delivery.


  • How can I convert XLSX to PPTX Online?
    Online App for XLSX conversion is integrated above. To start the conversion process, you can either drag and drop your XLSX file or click inside the designated area to import the document. Next, click on the "Convert" button to initiate the XLSX to PPTX conversion. Once the process is complete, you can easily download your converted file with just one click, obtaining your desired output in the PPTX format.
  • How long does it take to convert XLSX?
    The speed of this online converter is fast, but it primarily relies on the size of the XLSX file. If you have a small XLSX file, it can be converted to PPTX in just a few seconds. Additionally, if you've integrated the conversion code into your .NET application, the conversion process speed depends on how well you've optimized your application.
  • Is it safe to convert XLSX to PPTX using free Aspose.Total converter?
    Of course! After the XLSX to PPTX conversion process is completed, the download link for the PPTX files is generated immediately. We prioritize the security of your files, that's why all uploaded files are deleted after 24 hours and the download links stop working after that period. You can be confident that your files are safe during the conversion process, including XLSX files. Above free app is for testing purposes, allowing you to check the result before integrating the code.
  • What browser should I use to convert XLSX?
    You have the flexibility to use any up-to-date web browser for online XLSX to PPTX conversion, such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari. However, if you are building a desktop application, you can seamlessly integrate Aspose.Total XLSX Conversion API.

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