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Aspose.Total for .NET = "N+" .NET Components

Aspose.Total for .NET is our best value component suite. It includes a "n+" number of .NET components, where "n+" .NET components means that Aspose.Total for .NET not only includes all current Aspose .NET components, but also any future releases. The plus sign (+) indicates the possible .NET components that may be released by Aspose in the future.

For instance, when you buy Aspose.Total for .NET all existing .NET components are included in the Aspose.Total for .NET package. If Aspose releases a new .NET component during your subscription period, that component is also included in your Aspose.Total for .NET package, and you are fully entitled to download & use it.

Platform Independence

Aspose.Total for .NET covers most popular development environments and deployment platforms. You can confidently use Aspose.Total for .NET to build any type of 32-bit or 64-bit .NET application including ASP.NET, Web Services and WinForms.

Aspose.Total for .NET is easy to deploy because it is just a group of class libraries without any dependencies (except on the .NET Framework itself).

You can even use Aspose.Total for .NET to build applications with Mono. Lastly, it's also possible to use Aspose.Total for .NET in pre-.NET technologies (for example classic ASP) as a COM Wrapper.

No Microsoft Office Automation

Aspose.Total for .NET does not rely on Microsoft Office in order to work therefore, Aspose.Total for .NET is a better alternative to Microsoft Office Automation in terms of security, stability, scalability, speed, price and features.

Process a Multitude of File Formats

With Aspose.Total for .NET you can build an incredibly versatile file processing system capable of handling many popular file formats. You can easily open, create, modify, and even inter-convert file formats.

Aspose.Total for .NET will allow you to conveniently process the following file formats:

  • Microsoft Word documents
  • Microsoft Excel spreadsheets
  • Microsoft PowerPoint presentations
  • Adobe PDF documents
  • Microsoft Project documents
  • Microsoft Visio drawings
  • Microsoft Outlook emails
  • Microsoft OneNote documents
  • AutoCAD drawings
  • Raster Images
  • HTML files
Ready To Use GUI & Visual Components

Aspose.Total for .NET provides visual components that will allow you create complex user interfaces quickly, and present your data in a more appealing way. You can add these components in your applications with just a drag n drop, and customize them as per your application requirements. On top of it, you can add barcode functionality to your applications in a matter of seconds.

Packed with Utility Functions

Aspose.Total for .NET brings to you a toolkit of handy utility components which allow you to perform some of the most common yet difficult tasks quickly and easily. It includes excellent components for recurrence patterns and network protocols (SMTP, POP3, MIME, IMAP, FTP, DNS, ICMP and WHOIS). All of these components are easy to deploy thus allowing you to achieve your goal with minimum effort.