Xamarin Android APIs to manipulate Word documents

Create, edit and convert Word documents within Android apps developed using Xamarin framework.

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Aspose.Words for Android via Xamarin

Aspose.Words for Android via Xamarin


Aspose.Words for Android via Xamarin is an advanced Word document processing API to perform a wide range of document processing tasks directly within your Android app.

Integrate API through Xamarin framework for Android applications. API supports DOC, OOXML, RTF, HTML, OpenDocument, PDF, XPS, EPUB and other formats. Moreover, you can generate, modify, convert and render documents.


Advanced Xamarin Word Document Processing API Features



Perform mail merge


Generate reports using mail merge


Insert formatted text, paragraphs, images, tables and other content into a Word document


LINQ Reporting Engine API


Populate a table in a Word document using data retrieved from a database


Create mailing labels


Combining documents, moving sections between documents, and mail merging images stored in files outside of the database


Mail merge data from multiple tables, format date and numeric fields


Insert a watermark into a document


Update field results IF, formula and other popular field types


Join and split documents


Specify document protection, open protected and encrypted documents


Find and replace text, enumerate over document content


Preserve or extract OLE objects and ActiveX controls from the document


Preserve or remove VBA macros from the document. Preserve VBA macros digital signature


Detect digital signatures in documents


Insert HTML text

Conversion to Popular Document Formats

Aspose.Words for Android via Xamarin API lets you convert any word document to DOC, DOCX, ODT, RTF, HTML, TXT format or PNG, JPEG, SVG or EMF images within Android applications. Conversion is performed by a high-fidelity processing engine which ensures minimal formatting loss. You can also render (draw) any document page onto an Android Graphic Canvas object.

Programming with Document Object Model

Aspose.Words for Android via Xamarin allows developers to create, build and modify documents - including document formatting with an intuitive document object model that consists of over 100 classes.

Programmatically create, modify, extract and replace all document elements including sections, headers, footers, paragraphs, lists, tables, text, fields, hyperlinks, bookmarks and images.

Xamarin developers can specify detailed formatting for any document element. All drawing objects including shapes, textboxes, images, OLE objects and controls are supported through this model and you can perform many tasks such as inserting watermarks in pages or extracting images from an existing document.

Word Android APIs also provide useful utility features such as joining or splitting documents, copying fragments between documents, protecting and unprotecting documents, modifying document properties and inserting HTML fragments into documents.

Reporting & Mail Merge

You can easily use API as a fully featured reporting solution. Design your reports in Microsoft Word and then allow Aspose.Words for Android via Xamarin to populate documents with data from a number of data sources.

Aspose.Words for Android via Xamarin allows developers to use standard Microsoft Word mail merge fields in reports. Additionally, you can use Xamarin API's extended syntax for mail merge fields to perform more complex operations during mail merge operations such as inserting images or repeatable regions.

The data that drives your reports and mail merges can come from ResultSet objects, business objects or from a completely custom data source.


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