Java XPS Document Manipulation APIs

Create, Edit and Save XPS documents within Java applications.

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Aspose.XPS for Java

Aspose.XPS for Java


Aspose.XPS for Java allows developers to manipulate XPS documents. API permits the users to create, parse and save XPS files as well as add and remove pages within documents. Furthermore, some of the basic tasks are the creation of canvases, paths and glyphs elements to perform operations such as graphics shapes, text strings and group elements, one can perform by integrating the Java XPS API.


Advanced Java XPS API Features



Create or edit XPS documents


Add or remove pages within documents


Adjust canvases, paths and glyphs elements


Create vector graphics using a set of primitives


Create text strings


Group elements to treat as a whole


Manipulate graphics & text appearance


Specify colors in different color spaces


Preserve print ticket while processing XPS document

Create or Parse XPS Documents

Aspose.XPS for Java creates XPS files on the fly. API loads existing XPS documents for parsing and manipulation. It can perform different operations like the appearance of graphics and text strings, specify colors in different color spaces, manipulate device configuration information, user intent and much more. Java developers can easily integrate it with just a few lines of code.

Create XPS file from scratch - Java

// create XPS document
XpsDocument xps = new XpsDocument();
// add glyph to the document
com.aspose.xps.XpsGlyphs glyphs = xps.addGlyphs("Arial", 12, XpsFontStyle.Regular, 300f, 450f, "Hello World!");
// save result + "output.xps");

Support and Learning Resources


Aspose.XPS offers individual XPS processing APIs for other popular development environments as listed below: