.NET APIs to Manipulate XPS Files

Create, Read, Edit and Convert XPS documents without any software dependencies.

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Aspose.XPS for .NET

Aspose.XPS for .NET


Aspose.XPS for .NET is a standalone and reliable XPS manipulation API. It allows to create, edit and convert the XPS files as well as provides the ability to manipulate document pages & elements, create vector graphics, group shapes and specifying colors in different color spaces including sRGB, scRGB, and any space based on ICC profile.


Advanced .NET XPS Manipulation API Features



Dynamically create or load XPS files


Create vector graphics using a set of primitives


Create text strings


Manipulate text strings’ appearance


Group elements to treat as a whole


Manipulate appearance of graphics & text


Specify colors in different color spaces


Fixed Document Sequence (FDS) Support


Add Gradient, Image, Pages & Shapes


Manipulate Text inside XPS Documents


Add Transparent Object inside XPS Document


Set Opacity Mask


Add Grid using Visual Brush


Open and Modify XPS Document with multiple FD


Preserve Print Ticket while processing an XPS Document

Read or Create XPS Files

Aspose.XPS for .NET not only supports loading XPS files for manipulation but it also provides the capability to create XPS files from scratch. .NET developers can use the API to automate scenarios that may help them on their way.

Create XPS document from scratch - C#

// create XPS document
var xps = new Aspose.Xps.XpsDocument();
// add glyph to the document
var glyphs = xps.AddGlyphs("Arial", 12, FontStyle.Regular, 300f, 450f, "Hello World!");
glyphs.Fill = xps.CreateSolidColorBrush(Color.Black);
// save result
xps.Save(dir + "output.xps");

Easily Manipulate XPS Pages

Aspose.XPS for .NET provides extensive support for page manipulation. You can add a page to the end of the page list or insert it at any specified position. .NET XPS API also allows to remove pages, select a page by number as “active” or create a page without binding it to the document.


Support and Learning Resources


Aspose.XPS offers individual XPS processing APIs for other popular development environments as listed below: