Aspose.ZIP for Java is a flexible documents compression and archive manipulation API for standard ZIP format. API enables Java applications to achieve files compression/decompression, archiving files as well as folders and encryption of archives. It provides protection via user-defined passwords and traditional encryption using ZipCrypto or AES encryption such as AES128, 192 and AES256.

Aspose.Zip unveils a dynamic Java API, a masterfully crafted solution tailored for File Compression and Archiving. With a keen focus on the evolving landscape of data management, this versatile library empowers developers to wield Java's prowess, seamlessly compressing, archiving, and extracting files.

Integrating Compression API in a Java Application

The compression library integration is simple whereas most of the compress & decompress operations can be performed with just a few lines of code.

Single file compression - Java

      String dir = "full directory path";

      try(Archive arch = new Archive()) {

        arch.createEntry("filename.dat", dir+"file.dat");"");


You can try online Multi-Format Converter, convert your documents to an archive in an easy way.

An important feature of the library is the ability to work with many formats, such as: ZIP, 7ZIP, RAR, TAR, GZ, BZ2, LZ, CPIO, XZ (Coming soon: Z)


Support and Learning Resources


Aspose.Zip offers individual archive processing APIs for other popular development environments, listed below: