How to Compress / Decompress ASP File Using C#

In order to compress or decompress ASP file, we’ll use

Aspose.ZIP for .NET

API which is a feature-rich, powerful and easy to use document compression and decompression API for C# platform. Open


package manager, search for Aspose.ZIP and install. You may also use the following command from the Package Manager Console.


PM> Install-Package Aspose.ZIP

Steps for ASP Files Compression in C#

Developers can easily zip folders, single or multiple files programmatically with just few lines of code.

  • Define folder path containing ASP files.
  • Create Object of Archive.
  • Using the Archive object, load file with a full path using its CreateEntry method.
  • Call the Save() method and pass the compressed file name (full path) as a parameter.
  • Now you will get ASP file as a zip file in a relevant folder without using any zip, rar or any other compatible program.

System Requirements

Our APIs are supported on all major platforms and Operating Systems. Before executing the code below, please make sure that you have the following prerequisites on your system.

  • Microsoft Windows or a compatible OS with .NET Framework, .NET Core
  • Development environment like Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Aspose.ZIP for .NET DLL referenced in your project - Install from NuGet using the Download button above

Compress ASP Files - C#

  • Decompress ASP files right now by visiting our

    Live Demos website


    Online ASP Compression Live Demos

    Compress ASP documents right now by visiting our Live Demos website . The live demo has the following benefits

      No need to download Aspose API.
      No need to write any code.
      Just upload your ASP files.
      You will get compressed archives instantly.

    ASP What is ASP File Format

    ASP stands for Active Server Pages which is a development framework for creating web pages. It enables computer code to be executed by an internal server to serve the web requests. When a request is generated for an ASP file by web browser, the server reads the the file and executes any code/script inside it to generate the HTML result which is returned to the browser for display. Unlike HTML pages, which are static pages served by the server, ASP files generate dynamic contents at runtime that may involve requests to data from a database. ASP pages typically use the .asp extension rather .html. Since code/script inside an ASP file is executed on the server side, requesting browser can't see the code used to build the served page. All modern browsers are capable of displaying pages generated as result. Being built on Microsoft technology, pages built with ASP are hosted on Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) servers.

    Other Supported Compression / Decompression Formats

    Using C#, One can also compress / decompress many other formats including.

    Create ZIP Archive via C# (Single or Multiple Files and Folders Archive)