Aspose.ZIP for Python via .NET is a flexible and easy file compression and archive manipulation API for standard archive formats. API enables your python applications to compress and decompress files/directories, create or extract encrypted archives using different encryption options. API works with many well-known archive formats: ZIP, RAR, 7Zip, GZIP, BZ2. Many formats preferable in Linux are supported as well: CPIO, TAR, Lzip, Bzip2, XZ, Z. API also provides archive protection via user-defined passwords and traditional encryption using ZipCrypto or AES encryption.

Aspose.Zip present the Python API for Files Compression & Archiving, designed to meet the demanding needs of modern data management. This comprehensive library empowers developers to efficiently compress, archive, and extract files using Python, ensuring seamless integration and unparalleled performance.

In recent decades, Python has emerged as a dominant programming language for web development, scientific tasks, and data analytics, owing to the rapid advancement of powerful computing hardware. It owes its popularity to an extensive ecosystem of third-party packages that continually evolve. With a plethora of libraries at your disposal, Python stands out as the top choice for rapid software development.

From now, you don’t have to dive deep into compression/encryption complexity, or write hundreds lines of code to support different archive formats. Using Aspose.Zip for Python via .NET you can easily create or extract an archive with just a few lines of code. Please visit our downloads page , or install wheel package directly from

Python Compression API Features

Easy Integration

Create an archive from one or more files

Add files to archives without compression

Encrypt or decrypt whole archive or specific entries

Add entries to existing archive

Delete entries from existing archive

Compress folder respecting its structure

Decompress to directory respecting archive structure

Compress any size documents by applying parallelism

Integrating Compression API in Python Application

Integrating the compression library is an effortless endeavor, as the implementation seamlessly allows you to perform both compression and decompression operations with remarkable ease. A few concise lines of code are all it takes to accomplish these tasks, making the process elegant and user-friendly.

Single file compression - Python via .net

    import as zp

    with zp.Archive() as archive:
	archive.create_entry("entry_name.dat", "input_file.dat")'')

You can try online Multi-Format Converter, convert your documents to an archive in an easy way.

An important feature of the library is the ability to work with many formats supported by the .NET Framework, such as: ZIP, 7ZIP, TAR, TAR.BZ2, TAR.GZ, TAR.LZ, TAR.XZ, TAR.Z, CPIO


Support and Learning Resources


Aspose.Zip offers individual archive processing APIs for other popular development environments, listed below: