C# GIS Data conversion

GIS Data conversion Via C#

Convert GeoJSON, ESRI Shapefile SHX, TopoJSON, FIleGDB, GML, KML, MIF, OSM Data to build cross-platform net mapping applications.

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Aspose.GIS for NET

Aspose.GIS library conversion for net

To analyse spatial and geographic data, net GIS API facilitates for building solutions to capture, store, manage, manipulate, analyze and present all type of geographic data. It not only loads different vector and raster data formats but also renders to other formats with ease. Few of rendering scenarios such as GeoJSON to Shapefile , GeoJSON to topojson, GeoJSON to kml, Shapefile to GeoJSON and more. For any geographic information rendering application without requiring any additional tools or software, net GIS API has the capability to work with a number of geometrical features either simple or complex.

Code samples
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// Code for GeoJSON to Shapefile Conversion
string jsonFilePath = dataDir + "output_out.json";
string outShapeSHPFile = dataDir + "OutputShapeFile_out.shp";

VectorLayer.Convert(jsonFilePath, Drivers.GeoJson, outShapeSHPFile, Drivers.Shapefile);

// Code for Converting Shapefile Data to GeoJSON
string shapeSHPFilePath = dataDir + "InputShapeFile.shp";
string jsonFilePath = dataDir + "output_out.json";

VectorLayer.Convert(shapeSHPFilePath, Drivers.Shapefile, jsonFilePath, Drivers.GeoJson);

// Code for KML to GeoJSON Conversion
VectorLayer.Convert(dir + "example.kml", Drivers.Kml, dir + "output.geojson", Drivers.GeoJson);

C# conversion library

There are a simple way to install Aspose.GIS for net onto your system:

conversion Live Demos

Visit our Live Demos website. The live demo has the following benefits

No need to download Aspose GIS API.
Just Select SHP as output format and.
Upload your GPX file, it will be converted instantly to SHP.
You will get the download link.

System Requirements

Our APIs are supported on all major platforms and Operating Systems. Before executing the code below, please make sure that you have the following prerequisites on your system.