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Develop a coordinates converter with an API designed specifically for net / C# developers.

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Aspose.GIS for NET

Aspose.GIS library coordinates for net

Aspose.GIS for net enables you to create a coordinates converter for geospatial units. Our library allows you to easily and quickly convert latitude and longitude to a desired units format. Also our library contains a possibility to extract locations to a point from a text.

Aspose.GIS for net is designed with simplicity, performance, usability & portability in mind. It contains APIs to be used with net Framework & net Core platforms, enabling you to build cross-platform applications with great ease.

Code samples
Latitude is -90.0 to 90.0
Longitude is -180.0 to 180.0
Output format
Select the target format from the list

// For complete examples and data files, please go to https://github.com/aspose-gis/Aspose.GIS-for-.NET

// Calculate a position in a Decimal Degree Minutes (DDM) format
var position = GeoConvert.AsPointText(74.84, 172.13, PointFormats.DegreeDecimalMinutes);

C# coordinates library

There are a simple way to install Aspose.GIS for net onto your system:

coordinates Live Demos

Visit our Live Demos website. The live demo has the following benefits

Convert Latitude and Longitude to Degree-based units
Parse coordinates position from text
Auto-Detect Units when latitude longitude is parsed from text.
Support World Geographic Reference System (GEOREF) Format
Support Military Grid Reference System (MGRS) Format
Support United States National Grid (USNG) Format

System Requirements

Our APIs are supported on all major platforms and Operating Systems. Before executing the code below, please make sure that you have the following prerequisites on your system.

Examples of Supported Views

You can also view gis files into many file formats including few listed below.

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