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Geographic Coordinate Parser and Converter for .NET

Create and integrate a Geo Coordinate Parser and Converter for .NET

to get coordinates in the most common available coordinate formats.

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Aspose.GIS for .NET


Integrate a powerful geo coordinate Parser and Converter into your .NET application to

  • Parse geographic coordinates from a set of symbols without specifying a coordinate format;
  • Fast conversion to DD, DMS, DDM, GeoRef, USNG, and MGRS;
  • Accurate parsing of geographic coordinate strings;
  • Automatically detect the latitude and longitude by parsing coordinates;
  • Convert Latitude and Longitude to degrees;
  • Parse text coordinate position;
  • Automatically detect units when parsing longitude and latitude from text.
  • Supports the World GEOREF (Geographic Reference System) format
  • Supports MGRS (Military Grid Reference System) format
  • Supports USNG (United States National Grid) format
Aspose.GIS for .NET is a powerful on-premises library for GIS processing. Designed for simplicity, performance, ease of use, and portability. It includes APIs for use with the .NET Framework and .NET Core platforms, making it easy to build cross-platform applications. Our API is supported on all major platforms and Operating Systems.

Expand the features of your applications by integrating parser and converter coordinates without relying on third-party applications.

Start to write your own applications using our code samples with descriptions and free or paid support.

Why Aspose.GIS for .NET?

Aspose’s customers are drawn from various industries, from software developers and consulting companies to banks, government agencies, and academic institutions. Whenever you need experience in GIS, maps, and data visualization, you need an Aspose.GIS product. Some of our 21,000+ customers around the world have shared their succhess stories already.
Calculate a position in a Decimal Degree Minutes (DDM) format
Latitude is -90.0 to 90.0
Longitude is -180.0 to 180.0
Output format
Select the target format from the list
var position = GeoConvert.AsPointText(74.84, 172.13, PointFormats.DegreeDecimalMinutes);

C# Aspose.GIS Coordinates library

There are a simple way to install Aspose.GIS for .NET onto your system:

  • Install Package Aspose.GIS from Package Manager Console in Visual Studio to get the NuGet package;
  • Or you can download package from our site;
  • Update Package Aspose.GIS. to upgrade to the latest version;
  • Add Aspose.GIS for .NET to your system by installing NuGet Package;
  • See Documentation.

System Requirements

Coordinate Parser and Converter API for .NET is supported on most platforms and operating systems and it can be used to develop several different types of .NET apps including ASP .NET, WinForms and Windows Services. API for .NET is easy to use and deploy, and provides the ideal solution to work with geospatial information with .NET Framework 4.7, .NET Standard 2.0 & Xamarin platforms. Before running the code, please make sure your system meets the appropriate requirements.

Aspose.GIS Coordinates Live Demos on C#

Try the features of our library to see new opportunities. Live demos in C#

Key Features

Convert Latitude and Longitude to Degree-based units

Parse coordinates position from text

Auto-Detect Units when latitude longitude is parsed from text.

Support World Geographic Reference System (GEOREF) Format

Support Military Grid Reference System (MGRS) Format

Support United States National Grid (USNG) Format