PDF Rotate

Rotate PDF documents with free cross-platform Apps and APIs

How to Rotate PDF Pages

In order to rotate PDF file, we’ll use Aspose.PDF API which is a feature-rich, powerful and easy to use document manipulation API for any platform. Open NuGet package manager, search for Aspose.PDF and install. You may also use the following command from the Package Manager Console.

Rotate PDF documents

You need Aspose.PDF library to try the code in your environment.

  1. Load the PDF with an instance of Document.
  2. Move page upper in order to compensate changing page size.
  3. Set old and new page height.
  4. Setting the page rotation angle.
  5. Save the output PDF file.

Rotate PDF - C#

    string dataDir = RunExamples.GetDataDir_AsposePdf_Pages();
    Document doc = new Document(dataDir + "input.pdf");
    foreach (Page page in doc.Pages)
    Aspose.Pdf.Rectangle r = page.MediaBox;
    double newHeight = r.Width;
    double newWidth = r.Height;
    double newLLX = r.LLX;
    double newLLY = r.LLY + (r.Height - newHeight);
    page.MediaBox = new Aspose.Pdf.Rectangle(newLLX, newLLY, newLLX + newWidth, newLLY + newHeight);
    // Sometimes we also need to set CropBox (if it was set in original file)
    page.CropBox = new Aspose.Pdf.Rectangle(newLLX, newLLY, newLLX + newWidth, newLLY + newHeight);
    // Setting Rotation angle of page
    page.Rotate = Rotation.on90;
    dataDir = dataDir + "ChangeOrientation_out.pdf";
    // Save output file