How to Compress PDF

Learn how easily compress PDF documents with high quality using Python PDF library

How to compress PDF with Python

PDF compression allows you to cut file size while maintaining the quality of the PDF multimedia file. As a result, this greatly increases efficiency and sharing.

The Aspose.PDF for Python Library allows you to quickly and efficiently compress your PDF documents. The resulting optimized PDF is ready for printing, archiving, sharing, or presentation. More details on the Landing pages

Reducing the size of a PDF file can be important for several reasons, including the faster loading of your document.

  1. Smaller PDF files can be downloaded faster, which may be important if you need to share a file over the Internet.

  2. Easier to manage files. Optimized PDF files take up less disk space, which can ease the management and organization of such files.

  3. Accessibility. Small PDF files can be easier to access and view on limited-capacity devices such as smartphones and tablets, etc.

  4. Simplified work with e-mail. Many email services have limitations on the size of attachments that can be sent or received, so reducing the size of a PDF file can help ensure that it can be sent and received.

In general, reducing the size of a PDF file can help with sharing, managing, and accessing the document.

Python Library to compress PDF documents

Compress PDF

Aspose.PDF for Python via .NET presents a code snippet for reducing the size of a PDF document. The OptimizeResources() method allows you to reduce the document size by weeding out the unnecessary information. By default, this method works as follows:

  • Resources that are not used on the document pages are removed
  • Equal resources are joined into one object
  • Unused objects are deleted

First, you can install the library using the following pip command:

pip install aspose-pdf

Reduce size of PDF files

  • Open document
  • Optimize PDF documents
  • Save file

Use following code snippet for this:

    import aspose.pdf as ap

    # Open document
    document = ap.Document(input_pdf)
    # Optimize PDF document. Note, though, that this method cannot guarantee document shrinking
    # Save updated document

Try to compress PDF files online

Aspose.PDF for Python presents you Online Free App – Aspose.PDF Compress PDF. It is an online free web application that allows you to investigate how presentation compressing functionality works. The compression application PDF has three modes of operation “Low”, “Medium” and “High”. Depending on the mode selected, the percentage of compression of your document changes.

Documentation Aspose.PDF for Python Library

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