How to Convert HTML to PDF

Learn how easily convert HTML to PDF with high quality using Java PDF library


How to Convert HTML to PDF with Java

Aspose.HTML for Java API offers a convenient way for developers to convert HTML to PDF, providing full control over various conversion parameters. This conversion process is useful in various cases, such as when you need to protect documents from editing and copying or when preparing documents for printing or emailing. With this API, you can easily read from a file, URL, WYSIWYG editor, string, or stream, and convert HTML into popular formats.

Convert HTML to PDF via Java

While online HTML to PDF converters can help you convert individual HTML pages to PDF documents, if you need to convert multiple files programmatically, you’ll need to find a suitable library or API. In this article, we’ll explore various methods for batch converting HTML files to PDF, as well as ways to accomplish this task using a programming language such as Java or Python.

To convert one or multiple HTML files to PDF programmatically, you can use Aspose.PDF for Java library. First, load the HTML file using the HtmlDocument class. Next, specify the PDF settings such as page size, margins, and file permissions using the PdfSaveOptions class. Finally, call the ConvertHTML() method of the Converter class with the HtmlDocument, PdfSaveOptions, and output file path as parameters. This will allow you to convert HTML files to PDF.

// Initialize an HTML document from html file 
HTMLDocument htmltoPdf = new HTMLDocument("sourceFile.html"); 
try { 
	// Initialize PdfSaveOptions 
	PdfSaveOptions pdfOpts = new PdfSaveOptions(); 
	// Convert HTML to PDF 
} finally { 
	if (htmltoPdf != null) { 

Try to convert HTML to PDF online

The Aspose.PDF for Java library can be tested using a free online application called HTML Converter, which provides file conversion services for various formats. This tool supports popular formats for work, multimedia files, image formats, and more. The HTML Converter is easy to use, as you only need to select the desired file type, specify the output format, upload the file, and click ‘Upload’ to convert your file.

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This article demonstrated how to use Java to convert an HTML document to PDF using Aspose.PDF for Java. For further information on Aspose.PDF for Java, the documentation provides comprehensive details. Additionally, to visualize the outcome of the conversion, a free application can be utilized. If you want more details about Aspose.PDF libraries - visit our landings pages