How to Convert PDF to DOCX

Learn how easily convert PDF to DOCX with high quality using .NET PDF library


How to Convert PDF to DOCX with .NET

In certain situations, you may find yourself needing to edit the text in a PDF file urgently, or you may receive a request from a respondent to send the file in DOC (DOCX) format. While it’s possible to simply copy the text from the PDF document, this approach has some drawbacks. Firstly, the formatting will be significantly altered, and secondly, any pictures such as diagrams or tables won’t be copied along with the text, meaning you can only copy the text itself. The DOC or DOCX format is a widely used text format developed by Microsoft. It is a file format for text documents that allows for easy modification of the text. In 2007, the DOC format was superseded by the DOCX format due to the increasing competition from open formats such as Open Office and ODF.

Convert PDF to DOCX

Convert PDF to DOCX using C# (.NET)

Converting PDF files to DOCX format can be done quickly and easily by .NET developers using just a few lines of code. The process involves initializing a new Document object, calling the Document.Save method while passing the output file path and SaveFormat.DocX as parameters, and finally, saving the resulting DOCX file. With these simple steps, developers can efficiently convert PDF files to DOCX without hassle.

First, you can install the library using the following pip command:

pip install aspose-pdf

How to Convert PDF to DOCX in C#

The ConvertPDFtoDOCX() method loads the PDF file named “template.pdf” using an instance of the Document class. Then, it calls the Save() method to save the document in the DOCX format with the name “output.doc”. The second parameter of the Save() method, Aspose.Pdf.SaveFormat.DocX, specifies the output file format. Overall, this code demonstrates how easy it is to convert a PDF file to a DOCX file format using Aspose.PDF library in C#.

This is a C# code snippet that uses the Aspose.PDF library to convert a PDF file to a DOCX file format.

public static void ConvertPDFtoDOCX() 
        	// load PDF with an instance of Document                         
        	var document = new Document("template.pdf"); 
        	// save document in DOC format 
        	document.Save("output.doc", Aspose.Pdf.SaveFormat.DocX); 

Try to convert PDF to DOCX online

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Documentation Aspose.PDF for .NET Library

The Aspose.PDF for .NET library is a robust tool that provides developers with an extensive range of PDF processing capabilities to incorporate into their applications. With this API, developers can create, read, convert, and manipulate PDF files in both 32-bit and 64-bit applications without the need for Adobe Acrobat. To learn more about the different features of Aspose.PDF for .NET library, you can refer to its documentation. If you encounter any issues, you can seek support from our forum

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In this article, we have explored different ways of converting PDF files to DOCX format. This action can be done either using the Aspose.PDF library for .NET or through a free online application. If you want more details about Aspose.PDF libraries - visit our landings pages