How to Merge PDF

Learn how easily merge PDF documents with high quality using Python PDF library


How to merge PDF with Python

Merging PDF in Python is not an easy task without using a 3rd party library. This article shows how to combine multiple PDF files into a single PDF document using Aspose.PDF for Python via .NET.

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Merging PDF files can be useful for several reasons, including:

  • Merging PDF files can help you organize your documents, make room for storage on your PC, and share several PDF files with others by combining them into one document.
  • Merge many related documents into a single file. If you have multiple PDF documents that are linked to each other, you can merge them into one file to ease management and distribution.
  • File reduction. If you have many small PDF files, you can combine them into large files to reduce the number of files you need to manage.
  • Protection. If you have confidential information in various PDF documents, combining them into one document and applying password protection to that document can improve information security.

In general, merging PDF files can simplify workflows and help information management and sharing.

Merge PDF

Python Library to merge PDF documents

To merge PDF files, we use Aspose.PDF for Python API, which is a full-featured, powerful, and easy-to-use API for document processing for the Python-net platform. Our Python Library can convert a document from any supported download format to any supported save format. Aspose.PDF for Python provides versatile solutions that help you solve your document conversion tasks. Below is the most common query - merge PDF files.

First, you can install the library using the following pip command:

pip install aspose-pdf

How to Combine PDF documents

  • Open first document.
  • Open second document.
  • Add pages of second document to the first.
  • Save concatenated output file

Use following code snippet for this:

import aspose.pdf as ap

    # Open first document
    document1 = ap.Document(input_pdf_1)
    # Open second document
    document2 = ap.Document(input_pdf_2)

    # Add pages of second document to the first

    # Save concatenated output file

Try to combine PDF files online

Aspose.PDF for Python presents you Online Free App – Aspose.PDF Merger. It is an online free web application that allows you to investigate how presentation merging functionality works.

Documentation Aspose.PDF for Python Library

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