How to Split PDF

Learn how easily split PDF documents with high quality using Python PDF library

How to split PDF with Python

Regardless of your field of activity, whether you are a student, businessman, doctor, or teacher, you must have worked with PDF documents. The PDF file format is very popular in business and among ordinary users.

PDF is the first choice of most people around the world when it comes to storing records or information securely. In addition, this format is widely used for sharing confidential and private information, such as business secrets or educational data, from one device to another over the Internet.

There is a perception that PDF documents are difficult to edit, but it is a myth.

In the next article, we will talk about splitting PDF programmatically via Python. Consider the main advantages and features of the Aspose.PDF for Python Library.

The Aspose.PDF for Python will help you to split the PDF into the required number of files.

Splitting PDF into small files will also help you find a certain piece of data instead of looking at the entire contents of a large PDF file. You can immediately open a file containing the necessary information, which will save you time and effort.

Most platforms on the Internet have a limit on the size of the document to be downloaded. And if your PDF file is larger than this, it becomes difficult to download it and share it with anyone. With Aspose.PDF for Python, you can easily solve this problem.

Split PDF

Python Library to split PDF documents

We’ll leverage the capabilities of Aspose.PDF for Python via .NET — a robust library designed for seamless PDF creation, processing, and conversion. To install this library from PyPI, you can use the following pip command.

pip install aspose-pdf

How to Split PDF documents

  1. Loop through the pages of PDF document through the Document object’s PageCollection collection
  2. For each iteration, create a new Document object and add the individual Page object into the empty document
  3. Save the new PDF using save method

Use following code snippet for this:

import aspose.pdf as ap

     doc = aspose.pdf.Document("1.pdf")

    pdf_editor = aspose.pdf.PdfFileEditor()
    pdf_editor.Extract(path_source, 1, doc.Pages.Count / 2, "pdf_half.pdf")

Try to combine PDF files online

Aspose.PDF for Python presents you Online Free App – Aspose.PDF Splitter. It is an online free web application that allows you to investigate how presentation splitting functionality works.

Documentation Aspose.PDF for Python Library

You can use a free Temporary License to split PDF files without restrictions. To learn all the details about the Python library, visit the Documentation pages


In this article, you learned how to split PDF files into separate pages using Python. Use the step-by-step code snippet in your App and review the documentation to accomplish other tasks with your PDF.