Convert multiple Word to image in C++

High-speed C++ library to convert several Word into image

Use C++ to obtain maximum Word into image merge speed. This is a professional solution to join several Word into a single image using C++. Try it online for free!

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Convert Word to one image in C++

C++ library allows C++ developers to convert Word to image with a few lines of code. Word conversion engine analyses the original Word layout and structure, and exports the combined content to image format.

Use C++ to convert Word to image with maximum flexibility and speed. Run online live demo and check the highest image quality right in a browser. Word Conversion API supports a bunch of useful options.

Merge Word to image

To convert several Word to image just use C++ library that handles all low-level details.

Convert multiple Word and save the result as a single image. If you develop code in C++, this will be simpler than it sounds. See C++ example that iterates through documents and converts them to image:

Code example in C++ to combine multiple DOCX to JPG
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using namespace Aspose::Words;

std::vector<String> fileNames { u"Input1.docx", u"Input2.docx" };

auto output = MakeObject<Document>();
// Remove all content from the destination document before appending.

for (const auto& fileName : fileNames)
    auto input = MakeObject<Document>(fileName);
    // Append the source document to the end of the destination document.
    output->AppendDocument(input, ImportFormatMode::KeepSourceFormatting);

for (int page = 0; page < output->get_PageCount(); page++)
    auto extractedPage = output->ExtractPages(page, 1);
    extractedPage->Save(String::Format(u"Output_{0}.jpg", page + 1));
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How to convert several Word into image

  1. Install 'Aspose.Words for C++'.
  2. Add a library reference (import the library) to your C++ project.
  3. Open the source Word file in C++.
  4. Convert several Word files into image in a few seconds.
  5. Call the 'AppendDocument()' method, passing an output filename with image extension.
  6. Get the result of conversion Word into image.

C++ library to convert several Word into image

There are three options to install Aspose.Words for C++ to your developer environment. Please choose one that resembles your needs and follow the step-by-step instructions:

System Requirements

You can use this C++ library to develop software on Microsoft Windows, Linux and macOS operating systems:

  • GCC >= 6.3.0 and Clang >= 3.9.1 are required for Linux
  • Xcode >= 12.5.1, Clang and libc++ are required for macOS

If you develop software for Linux or macOS, please check information on additional library dependencies (fontconfig and mesa-glu open-source packages) in Product Documentation.

Other Supported Word Merge operations

You can merge Word to many other file formats:


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