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Quick & Reliable Conversion of Popular Document Formats

The ability to quickly and reliably convert different document formats with a high degree of precision is the reason most of our customers choose Aspose.Words. With Aspose.Words you can convert documents from any supported format to any other supported format while using just two lines of code.

Most Complete DOC Format Implementation You Can Find

The distinct advantage of Aspose.Words is the great extent to which it supports the DOC format. It is incredibly hard to find another technology that has the same level of support for many important DOC features other than in Microsoft Word itself.

Exhaustive Support for OOXML, Flat OPC & Word 2003 XML

Aspose.Words provides extensive support for loading, saving and converting WordprocessingML documents. Such comprehensive implementation is possible because Aspose.Words was designed with the structure of Microsoft Word documents in mind (and WordprocessingML is known to mimic the internal representation of Microsoft Word documents) thus making it simple for us to include support for these implementations into our core product engine.

Comprehensive Support for RTF Format

The RTF specification is a set of pre-defined keywords. There are over 1400 keywords in the RTF 1.8 Specification - Aspose.Words fully supports (reading and writing) the vast majority of these keywords. It is hard to find a similar level of implementation in the market today.


Aspose.Words HTML and XHTML import is resilient to documents that are not well formed or that are invalid. Invalid or unrecognized elements or attributes are safely ignored during import. Conversion to HTML and XHTML in Aspose.Words is customizable, many parameters like the export of document properties, headers and footers, image locations, scaling and resolution, form field export options and others can all be specified.

Load & Save OpenDocument Text (.ODT) Format

Aspose.Words supports loading OpenDocument 1.1 and 1.2 documents. Aspose.Words also has the ability to save documents in the OpenDocument 1.1 format.

Convert any Document to PDF with High Fidelity

Any document loaded into Aspose.Words engine can be converted to a PDF that conforms to the PDF 1.5 or PDF/A-1b specification. Aspose.Words goes to great lengths to precisely convert Microsoft Word documents to PDF, where majority of the results will be indistinguishable from the original Microsoft Word document.

Easily Extract Text by Saving Content in Plain Text Format

It is easy to extract plain text from any document using Aspose.Words. You can either save the result in a plain text file or dynamically get access to the text held in any document element.

Convert Documents to IDPF EPUB Format

EPUB is the most popular format for eBook content. With Aspose.Words you can easily convert any document to the EPUB format. Content, formatting, images, hyperlinks and navigation will all function in any EPUB compliant reader.

Convert Document Pages to Images

Aspose.Words provides you with the ability to export document pages to all supported formats including PDF, XPS, raster and vector images, all to the highest degree of precision. Aspose.Words can also render document pages to a .NET Graphics object, where you can set a specific zoom factor or a specific bitmap size as well as print document pages using the .NET printing infrastructure.

Convert Documents to XPS with High Fidelity

Any document loaded into Aspose.Words can be converted to XPS, Aspose.Words uses the same high-fidelity page layout and rendering engine to produce output in all its supported fixed-layout formats including PDF and XPS. It is important to note that Aspose.Words generates XPS directly (including sub-setting of TrueType fonts), without relying on the Windows Presentation Foundation classes found in the .NET Framework 3.5, this allows Aspose.Words to produce XPS documents on machines that run early versions of the .NET framework or on completely different platforms.