C++ Word Document Processing API

Generate, edit, convert & render Microsoft Word documents in C++ application without requiring Microsoft Word.

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Aspose.Words for C++

Aspose.Words for C++


Aspose.Words for C++ is an advanced Word Document Processing API to perform a wide range of processing tasks. API provides document formatting, manipulation, mail merge, watermarking and much more capabilities directly within your own C++ applications without requiring Microsoft Word. API supports most of the Microsoft Word formats, and can render the document pages to a number of image formats.


Advanced C++ Word Document Processing API Features



Join & split files on the fly


Manipulate built-in & custom properties


Enumerate over file content


Preserve OLE objects and ActiveX controls


Manipulate fonts, colors, effects, borders & shading


Manipulate indents, spacing, borders, shading, tab stops


Manipulate bulleted and numbered lists


Manipulate paper size, margins & orientation


Find, replace & highlight text


Mail Merge support


Update fields except page layout to porting


Convert EquationXML to Office Math

Programming with Document Object Model

API enables C++ applications to automate Microsoft Word file creation as well as open and modify files including formatting with an intuitive document object model that mimics Microsoft Word in terminology & features. C++ developers can dynamically create, modify, extract and replace all elements including sections, paragraphs, tables, bookmarks, fields, form fields, comments, images, styles and so on. 

Join or Append Documents

Aspose.Words for C++ supports joining & appending multiple files into one. This process is very simple as well as configurable, providing the means to control how the files are joined. C++ Word processing library also allows resetting the page numbering after joining the documents.

Join two files - C++

// load source & destination files
System::SharedPtr dstDoc = System::MakeObject(dir + u"destination.doc");
System::SharedPtr srcDoc = System::MakeObject(dir + u"source.doc");
// set the appended file to start on a new page.
// append the source file using the original styles found in the source file.
dstDoc->AppendDocument(srcDoc, Aspose::Words::ImportFormatMode::KeepSourceFormatting);
// save result
dstDoc->Save(dir + u"output.doc);

Add Watermark to Documents

Aspose.Words for C++ provides extensive support for watermarks. While using API, it is very easy to insert any shape, image or text as a watermark with the ability to format it in any way. This provides the ability to create watermark of any imaginable type.

Easy to Use Security Options

Aspose.Words for C++ offers the facility to protect & un-protect documents with single line of code. You may set the protection in a way that the user can make only limited changes, such as adding annotations, making revisions or completing a form.

Protect/un-protect files - C++

// load document to be processed
System::SharedPtr wrdoc = System::MakeObject(dir + u"template.doc");
// protect file 
wrdoc->Protect(Aspose::Words::ProtectionType::AllowOnlyFormFields, u"password");
// un-protect file

Support and Learning Resources


Aspose.Words offers individual Word processing APIs for other popular development environments as listed below: