C++ Excel Spreadsheets APIs

Create, Read, Write and Parse spreadsheets without any Microsoft Excel dependencies within full-functional C++ applications.

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Aspose.Cells for C++

Aspose.Cells for C++


Aspose.Cells for C++ is a native C++ API for Spreadsheet manipulation. Applications can perform functions such as creating, converting and editing spreadsheet's Built-In and Custom Properties, Themes, Styles and Formatting, Data Validation, Conditional Formatting, Reading, Writing and Calculating Formulas, Grouping Rows and Columns and much more without relying on Office Automation or Microsoft Excel. API supports most commonly used spreadsheet formats such as XLS, XLSX, XLSM and XLSB.


Advanced C++ Spreadsheet API Features



Load & save Excel files using streams


Create & manipulate charts


Set data validation to restrict input


Organize data by grouping rows & columns


Manipulate built-in & custom properties


Add & manipulate hyperlinks


Create & manipulate Pivot Tables


Change the look of your workbook using themes


Create tables & list objects


Manipulate drawing objects


Apply styles and formatting to cells, rows, columns or ranges


Trace Precedents & Dependents


Read, write & calculate complex formulas


Add or extract OLE objects


Create conditional formatting rules


Create and implement user-defined Functions


Convert Chart to PDF format


Convert Chart to Image format

Zero Dependency on Microsoft Excel

Aspose APIs are totally independent and are not affiliated with, nor authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by Microsoft Corporation. Aspose.Cells for C++ never needs Microsoft Office or Microsoft Excel to be installed on the machine to work with Excel document formats.

Simple & Reliable Conversion of Excel Formats

Aspose.Cells for C++ is a powerful set of APIs that provide the ability to load, edit, write and inter-convert Excel file formats without worrying about the format-specific details. The API allows you to convert spreadsheets from any supported format to any other supported format with just two lines of code. It is that simple!

Convert Excel files in multiple formats - C++

// load the document for conversion
intrusive_ptr<IWorkbook> book = Factory::CreateIWorkbook(dir->StringAppend(new String("template.xls")));
// save in different formats
book->Save(dir->StringAppend(new String("output.xlsx")), SaveFormat_Xlsx);
book->Save(dir->StringAppend(new String("output.xlsb")), SaveFormat_Xlsb);
book->Save(dir->StringAppend(new String("output.csv")), SaveFormat_CSV);

Comprehensive Spreadsheet Formatting

Aspose.Cells for C++ gives you complete control over how you wish to present your data onto the worksheet, by offering advanced formatting features. You can apply formatting to individual row, column, cell, or you can create a range of cells and apply formatting to it. You can also add rich text to a cell, apply borders, set background patterns or tweak font related styling aspects.

Visualize Data With Charts

Aspose.Cells for C++ offers a comprehensive set of APIs to dynamically create all of the standard and custom chart types supported by Excel application. The API also provides the ability to update the data source for an existing chart and refresh it.

Render Worksheets as Images

The library renders with the highest of fidelity to Microsoft Excel using its own rendering engine. It offers distinctive features such as rendering worksheets to images in popular formats including BMP, TIFF, PNG, JPEG & EMF. The Sheet2Image process is flexible thus allowing to select options such as controlling the resultant image's resolution.

Manipulate Columns and Rows

Aspose.Cells for C++ offers rows and columns manipulation in multiple ways. Adjust row height and column width or auto resize the cell dimensions according to the contents in it, is too easy. The API also offers the means to delete and inset, hide or show as well as rows and columns grouping or un-grouping.

Accurately Convert Spreadsheets to PDF

The Excel C++ library provides the ability to convert spreadsheets to PDF format while retaining the same quality as the original document. This fact makes Aspose.Cells for C++ a perfect choice for the organizations which require to exchange documents in industry-standard formats as PDF.


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