C++ Email Message & Message Archive Processing API

Create, Edit and Convert email files & message archives from within C++ applications without any Microsoft Outlook dependencies.

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Aspose.Email for C++

Aspose.Emailfor C++


Aspose.Email for C++ is a powerful email programming API that makes it easier to work with a number of email message formats such as MSG, EML, EMLX and MHT. API enables the application developers to create, manipulate or convert most commonly used email message formats within the native C++ applications, without relying on Office Automation or Microsoft Outlook application.

Aspose.Email for C++ can be used for email management features such as message content editing, manipulation of recipients, MAPI properties and attachments as well as for the advanced features such as management of the message storage files including PST & OST. Currently API supports SMTP, POP3 and IMAP communication protocols and one can use these to send emails.


Email File & Message Archive Processing API Features



Load messages from file or stream


Save messages to file or stream


File format conversion


Create and update tasks using iCalendar


Manipulate message storage files


Create recurrence patterns according to iCalendar RFC


Attach embedded objects and attachments to emails


Include text and HTML mail body


Create customized mail headers


Supports SMTP, POP3 and IMAP protocols

Manage MIME Messages via C++ Library

Aspose.Email for C++ extensively supports MIME message formats including EML & EMLX. This ability allows the developers to create, set & extract contents from the MIME messages, manage attachments & embedded objects, convert EML & EMLX message files to MSG, HTML & MHTML file formats.

Manage Outlook Message File Formats

Aspose.Email for C++ is capable of creating Outlook messages from scratch as well as provides the ability to manipulate existing email files. Developers can load & save all types of Outlook items including contacts, tasks, notes, calendar items & distributions lists. On top of it, the C++ Email Library allows to parse & manipulate all these objects with great ease.

Produce & Consume iCalendar Recurrence Patterns

Aspose.Email for C++provides the capability to create and save Outlook Calendar objects in MSG and ICS formats. Moreover, the API allows you to programmatically produce & consume recurrence patterns in iCalendar (RFC 2445) format via an intuitive object model.

Create, Inspect & Extract Items from PST & OST Files

Aspose.Email for C++ allows you to manage Outlook storage files such as PST & OST. You can perform a number of operations on existing storage files as well as create new PST files from scratch. Possible operations include folder listing, message listing, addition & extraction of messages and contacts.

Create PST & add message to Inbox - C++

// create PST file from scratch       
System::SharedPtr<PersonalStorage> personalStorage = PersonalStorage::Create(dir + L"output.pst", Aspose::Email::Outlook::Pst::FileFormatVersion::Unicode);
// add a folder "Inbox" to the PST
// select the "Inbox" folder
System::SharedPtr<FolderInfo> inboxFolder = personalStorage->get_RootFolder()->GetSubFolder(L"Inbox");
// add a message to the "Inbox" folder
inboxFolder->AddMessage(MapiMessage::FromFile(dir + L"template.msg"));

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Aspose.Email offers individual Email APIs for other popular development environments as listed below: