.NET APIs for Files Compression and Archiving

Manipulate ZIP archives as well as Compress and Decompress files within any .NET based applications.

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Aspose.ZIP for .NET

Aspose.ZIP for .NET


Aspose.ZIP for .NET is a flexible documents compression and archive manipulation API for standard ZIP format. API enables .NET applications to achieve files compression/decompression, archiving files as well as folders and encryption of archives. It provides protection via user-defined passwords and traditional encryption using ZipCrypto or AES encryption such as AES128, 192 and AES256.


Advanced .NET Zipping API Features



Easy Integration


Compose an archive from one or more files


Add files to archives without compression


Encrypt whole archive or specific entries


Decrypt whole archive or specific entries


Add entries to existing archive


Delete entries from existing archive


Compress folder respecting its structure


Decompress to directory respecting archive structure


Compress any size documents by applying parallelism

Integrating ZIP API

ZIP API Integration is simple for all of its features. Here are just a few code lines for single file compression.

Single File Compression - C#

var dir = "full directory path";
using (var archive = new Archive())
   archive.CreateEntry("filename.dat", dir+"file.dat");

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